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The server was upgraded by the host to PHP 7.2. The original site was built on version 3 or 4 and 7.2 did away with a lot of code that I used. It has been a really long time since I'm done anything with PHP so I'm not only having to figure out what I did in the first place but also learn PHP 7.2. I'm making some progress. It is only about 1000 lines of code that I will need to alter. I'm working on it. I however do have limited time to do so.

-August 29, 2020

  This is how I painted my Word of Blake Shadow Divisions. To date, I only did these on Celestials. They take to this scheme and approach well because of the detailing that are on the legs. The trim colors are the only difference between most of my Shadow Divisions.


-July 8, 2017

It has been a while since I've had a chance to sit and write a painting article. Hopefully I can rectify that. I've done a couple of Star Adder mechs lately so I'll do a couple articles on them and I'll start with a pair of minis I painted in 2013.


-April 11, 2016

  It has been a while since I've been able to continue this project. A week in Denver for business and then getting sick that wiped me out for another week will do that. It had me backlogged on some other CGL projects so this had to sit on the back burner. I should be back on track for another update or two.


-November 29, 2015

I’m almost done with the mechs for my army. I should have the Summoner painted in the next week or two. That will leave me with only the battle armor to finish. This week we have the iconic Timber Wolf.



-October 31, 2015

  It has almost been a month since I could show off some proper minis. Sorry for the delay. I hope last week’s Clan Coyote Lambda article was helpful. I’ve managed to finish the Executioner E along with having the Timber Wolf Z mostly done and most of the battle armor at least cleaned up with some paint on them. I forgot how annoying painting those little beasts could be.


-October 19, 2015

While I’m waiting for the humidity to drop so I can prime miniatures to continue with my A Call To War: Clan Coyote Epsilon Galaxy project, I thought I would write up an article for another miniature I recently completed. I am real pleased with how the paint scheme came together for me even if I goofed on assembling the miniature.


-October 8, 2015


Here's a short article on Alpha Strike. Some of you might enjoy it for ease of play or length of the game. It isn't all that different from MW:DA in general concepts.

-October 4, 2015

The eight month old is winning this week. I haven’t managed to get a lot done. At all. [In full disclosure I did have a free weekend while my fabulous wife took both kids to a church retreat. I stayed home and did a lot of work around the house that couldn’t be done with kids around plus I got an afternoon of gaming which hasn’t happened in months. Did I mention my wife is fabulous?]



-September 29, 2015


I’ve been trying to get some minis assembled. I think I bit off more than I can chew on that. I just finished a Fire Falcon, Adder Prime, Adder A, Adder H, Lancelot, Naga, Executioner E, and Gurteltier.



-September 21, 2015

Last week we finished up the long and winding road that was the army building. This week we will start on the units and minis. As I appointed out last week, the Septicemia was already done. Before I talk about the Septicemia and its role, I want to talk about the mini.



-September 8, 2015


Last time I discussed the failed army that was my Clan Coyote Zeta Galaxy / Society force. I just didn’t feel like I did Zeta justice. Looking at my shelf, I see a couple protomechs, a Cephalus, and a Septicemia painted in Clan Coyote Epsilon Galaxy colors that could use some company. I see an Osteon Prime that needs painted. I still want to keep the nova concept. Instead of making too much of an overt Society force, I want to just hide a simple Trey in the Star.



-August 31, 2015

I wish I had time for regular battletech games. Those days are behind me for the next couple of years. I preferred MechWarrior: Dark Age due to the simpler rule set and faster game play. Don’t get me wrong. A classic slug fest is always welcome but I actually enjoy games that you can complete in an hour or two. Being able to set up several games in an evening with friends is icing on the cake. Alpha Strike seems to bring back that type of game for me provided you aren’t trying to play cluster on cluster or regiment against regiment.



-August 30, 2015

Eridani Light Mouse  


I'm doing some very heavy house cleaning. Removing some old unneeded pages and in general tidying things up. Hopefully I will have a project to reveal soon.


Most of the old MW:DA stuff is under the Mechwarrior section.


I hope I didn't lose anything in the process. The old photo gallery is gone except the goats. For some reason they show up on a google search for mountain goat and West Virginia. No clue why. Best to leave them.

-August 29, 2015

  Woof's Dragoons


On my way down to OTR, I saw some goats hanging out on one of the cliff faces.

So why warrenborn? When I humbly asked my khan to allow me to serve the great Clan Fuzzy Bunny, I was graciously awarded a Warren Born to pilot. To quote the ilKhan:



*does the bunny dance of joy*

That'll be one Warren Born, stacked to the ears with double heat sinks and HALs for caverjan! This . . . is a good day.

(\ ___ /)
 (=^.^=) ---We salute you!



-A long, long time ago


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