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AOD141 Crimson Hawk 130 pts. (House Kurita)

AOD-G-033 Rapid Strike (Light 29 pts.)

AOD-P-013 Chu-i (Light S:0 A:1 D:2 13 pts. House Kurita)

FI014 Oni Battle Armor 20 pts. (House Kurita)

FI016 Oni Battle Armor 22 pts. (House Kurita)

FI022 Raiden Battle Armor 15 pts. (House Kurita)

FI030 Yasha VTOL 40 pts. (House Kurita)

FI032 Yasha VTOL 43 pts. (House Kurita)

FI034 Tokugawa Heavy Tank 56 pts. (House Kurita)

FI037 Morningstar Mobile HQ 48 pts. (House Kurita)

FI054 Hellion 113 pts. (House Kurita)

FI068 Zeus 260 pts. (House Kurita)

FI070 Rokurokubi 'Okami' 127 pts. (House Kurita)

FI074 Shiro 'Hashira' 254 pts. (House Kurita)

FI078 Rokurokubi 'Sei-gi' 137 pts. (House Kurita)

FI082 Shiro 'Kaminari' 258 pts. (House Kurita)

FI084 Shiro 'Yami' 232 pts. (House Kurita)

FI087 Rokurokubi 115 pts. (House Kurita)

FI-F-009 House Kurita Faction Pride

FI-F-010 House Kurita Faction Pride

FI-L-007 Kenshin Tadashi (Heavy S:2 A:2 D:0 19 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-008 Wahab Fusilli (Light S:2 A:1 D:2 15 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-010 Katsuro Sutoko (Heavy S:1 A:1 D:1 10 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-012 Stephan Dirks (Light S:2 A:2 D:1 21 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-016 Moriko Horiama (Heavy S:1 A:1 D:1 10 pts. House Kurita)

FI-P-023 Shujin (Assault S:2 A:1 D:0 15 pts. House Kurita)

AN003 Combat Technicians 14 pts. (House Kurita)

AN005 Scout ATV Squad 13 pts. (House Kurita)

AN018 Ravager Battle Armor 20 pts. (House Kurita)

AN036 Enyo Strike Tank 62 pts. (House Kurita)

AN046 JES III Missile Carrier 44 pts. (House Kurita)

AN052 Solitaire 102 pts. (House Kurita)

AN062 Stalking Spider 146 pts. (House Kurita)

AN065 Nova Cat 208 pts. (House Kurita)

AN072 Hitotsune Kozo 'Kuro Ha (Black Blade)' 156 pts. (House Kurita)

AN078 Night Stalker 'Ryu (Dragon)' 158 pts. (House Kurita)

AN079 Hitotsune Kozo 'Tekken (Iron Fist)' 159 pts. (House Kurita)

AN-L-018 Katana Tormark (Medium S:2 A:2 D:1 27 pts. Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

AN-L-022 Reign O' Broin (Medium S:1 A:2 D:1 26 pts. Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

AN-L-023 Kasumi Cho (Medium S:1 A:1 D:2 23 pts. Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

AN-L-026 Katana Tormark (Medium S:2 A:2 D:1 27 pts. Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

AN-SA-014 House Kurita-House Steiner

DOM004 Minigun Cycle 12 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM019 Sylph Battle Armor 28 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM033 Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle 22 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM058 Coolant Truck 38 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM072 Cizin 53 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM082 Jackalope 106 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM088 Phoenix Hawk I 120 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM105 Scourge 190 pts. (House Kurita)

DOM-P-036 Kashira (Light S:0 A:2 D:1 19 pts. Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

VG018 Thunderbird Battle Armor 21 pts. (House Kurita)

VG033 MHI Amphibious APC 40 pts. (House Kurita)

VG046 Huitzilopochtli Assault Tank 96 pts. (House Kurita)

VG057 Goshawk 127 pts. (House Kurita)

VG063 Avalanche 153 pts. (House Kurita)

VG-F-029 Dragon's Fury/House Kurita Faction Pride

VG-MC-007 House Kurita-Dragons's Fury 20 pts. (Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

VG-SA-017 House Liao-House Kurita

VG-SA-021 House Davion-House Kurita

WS005 Laser Team 17 pts. (House Kurita)

WS015 Inner Sphere Battle Armor 19 pts. (House Kurita)

WS026 Skadi Swift Attack VTOL 49 pts. (House Kurita)

WS032 Kite Reconnaissance Vehicle 37 pts. (House Kurita)

WS035 Partisan AA Vehicle 51 pts. (House Kurita)

WS051 Raven 100 pts. (House Kurita)

WS067 Vixen 108 pts. (House Kurita)

WS074 Vulture Mk IV 218 pts. (House Kurita)

WS079 Mad Cat Mk IV 233 pts. (House Kurita)

WS092 Osiris 'Matchstick' 119 pts. (House Kurita)

WS-L-055 Raizo Mikawa (Light S:2 A:2 D:1 19 pts. House Kurita)

WS-L-071 Raizo Mikawa (Light S:2 A:2 D:1 19 pts. House Kurita)

WS-P-067 Chu-i (Heavy S:0 A:1 D:1 17 pts. House Kurita)

WS-SA-030 House Kurita - Republic of the Sphere

BF-MC-A01 House Kurita-Dragons's Fury 20 pts. (Dragon's Fury-House Kurita)

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