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Name: Cesar 'Deacon' Cornelius
ID: VG-GS-056
Preferred Mech: VG074
Cost in Preferred Mech: 43
Expansion: Vanguard
Points: 28
Class: Heavy
Rank: Unique
Faction: Gunslinger
Unit Type: Pilot
Recruit (Base): 8
Recruit (CJF): XX
Recruit (RotS): 6
Speed: 0
Attack: 2
Defense: 1

This pilot cannot be used in the same battleforce as MW:Vanguard unit GS-052. -2 Speed modifier for Quad Mechs. LAST RITES (optional) This unit cannot use damage special equipment. When it succeeds at a ranged combat attack targeting two or more opposing figures, roll one six-sided die. On a result of 5 or 6, score this unit's damage value, to a maximum of 3, to each target successfully hit by the attack instead of dividing its damage value among the successfully hit targets. This ability may be used only once per turn.

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