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Name: Chris Hart
ID: VG-GS-061
Preferred Mech: VGOC2
Cost in Preferred Mech: 67
Expansion: Vanguard
Points: 31
Class: Heavy
Rank: Unique
Faction: Gunslinger
Unit Type: Pilot
Recruit (Base): 15
Speed: 0
Attack: 2
Defense: 1

If this pilot is assigned to its preferred íMech, the íMech gets +3 to its attack value. If assigned to any other íMech, the íMech gets +2 to its attack value instead. INTIMIDATE At the beginning of each of your command stages, choose a single target opposing infantry or vehicle with zero or one order token that this unit can draw a clear line of fire to, ignoring its maximum range. Roll one six-sided die. On a result of 4-6, give the target an order token.

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