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So why warrenborn? When I humbly asked my khan to allow me to serve the great Clan Fuzzy Bunny, I was graciously awarded a Warren Born to pilot. To quote the ilKhan:



*does the bunny dance of joy*

That'll be one Warren Born, stacked to the ears with double heat sinks and HALs for caverjan! This . . . is a good day.

(\ ___ /)
 (=^.^=) ---We salute you!


What more can I say. I get to hop around and shoot at the DivaMonkeys. (BTW HALs are Highly Annoying Lasers of course.)



Poor monkeys. For some reason they need constant reassurance that they look "fabulous."

The bunny has transcended all requirements of such things. The bunny simply IS.

I advise all BMs to accept themselves as they are, to simply "be," and perhaps then be the bunny.

These are the words of wisdom for today from Clan Fuzzy Bunny. - Khan Kelly


May we conquer the Inner Acre!!


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