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Set Notes
Dark Age complete
Fire For Effect complete
Death From Above complete
Liao Incursion complete
Counterassault complete
Falcon's Prey complete
Age of Destruction - units complete
Age of Destruction - pilots complete
Age of Destruction - gear complete
Age of Destruction - cards complete
Firepower - units complete
Firepower - pilots complete
Firepower - gear complete
Firepower - cards complete
Annihilation - units complete
Annihilation - pilots complete
Annihilation - gear complete
Annihilation - cards complete
Domination - units complete
Domination - pilots complete
Domination - gear complete
Domination - cards complete
Vanguard - units complete
Vanguard - pilots complete
Vanguard - gear complete
Vanguard - cards complete
Battleforce - CJF complete
Battleforce - RotS complete
Battleforce - GF9 complete
Battleforce - War College complete
Battleforce - Ares complete
Battleforce - Phantom War complete
Battleforce - HD complete
Wolf Strike - units complete
Wolf Strike - pilots complete
Wolf Strike - gear complete
Wolf Strike - cards complete
Champs Pack 1 complete
Champs Pack 2 complete
Battleforce - 2007 Prizes complete
Solaris 7 Light complete
Solaris 7 Medium complete
Solaris 7 Heavy complete
Solaris 7 Assault complete
Solaris 7 Prizes complete
Undead Lance complete
Wolf Spiders complete
Gamma Regiment complete
Battleforce - 2008 Prizes all 6 dragoon prize mechs 5/28/2008
Terrain complete
Dropship complete
I'm not sure why VII was used in the Solaris sets. Just be aware that it is SOL over here in the unit section.



Set Notes
Harbinger complete
Dragons Eye complete
Arch Fiends complete
Giants of Legend complete
Aberrations complete
Deathknell complete
Angelfire complete
Underdark complete
War Drums complete
War of the Dragon Queen complete
Blood War complete
Unhallowed complete
Night Below complete
Desert of Desolation complete
Dungeons of Dread waiting for module
Against the Giants not released yet
Icons added 2 more figures 3/8/2008
Tiles I'm still missing some so if you can scan them, I'll gladly add them to the collections.



Set Notes
Rebel Storm missing the promos
Clone Strike complete
Revenge of the Sith complete
Universe complete
AT-ST complete
AT-AT not the best picture but it'll work
Champions Of The Force complete
Bounty Hunters complete
Alliance & Empire complete
Force Unleased complete
Battle of Hoth is there a gallery for this set?
Legacy of the Force set not yet released



Set Notes
Starship Battles complete



Set Notes
Base Set complete
Eastern Front complete
Contested Skies complete
D Day complete
Reserves complete
War at Sea complete
1939-1945 complete
Task Force waiting for the module



Set Notes
Spanish Main complete
Crimson Coast complete
American Revolution complete?
Barberry Coast complete?
South China Sea complete?
Davy Jones' Curse complete?
Mysterious Islands complete?
Frozen North complete?
At Ocean's Edge complete?
Pirates of the Carribean complete
Rise of the Fiends missing a few
Fire and Steel missing a few


Set Notes
Horrorclix missing some LEs
The Lab complete
Aliens Pack complete
Predators Pack complete
Alien Queen Pack complete
Freakshow complete
BPRD Pack complete
Nightmares complete
Freddy vs Jason complete
Supernova complete



Set Notes
All sets complete
I am looking for a good clean picture for Jonathan 'Ghengis' Khan.



Set Notes
Rebellion complete
Lancers complete
Sinister complete
Dungeons complete
Whirlwind complete
Unlimited complete
Pyramids complete
Minions complete
Uprising complete
Dragons Gate complete
Mage Knight 2.0 complete
Dark Riders complete
Omens complete
Sorcery complete
Nexus complete
relics complete
spells complete
Heroic Quests complete
misc everything else



Set Notes
Axis of Evil complete
Battle of Titans missing some



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update_<abbr>.xml stores the user modified units

<abbr>module.bpm module for that particular game

battleplanner.cfg stores program and update options

*.<abbr>.army.bpd teams, armies, decks, etc. 

*.<abbr>.inventory.bpd inventories


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