Special Equipment


Armor Piercing Streaks Homing Beacon
Anti Personnel Point Defense Artemis V


Pulse Alpha Strike TSEMP
Grapple Flamers PPC Capacitor



Hand to Hand Agility Full Strike
Rapid Strike Brawling    


Foot Aquatic Hover VTOL Wheeled Tracked Mech Quad Collosal
Evade Electronic Camouflage Camouflage
Jump Jets Infiltrate Reconnaissance


Bypass Salvage Repair
Improved Targeting Command Coolant


Reflective Armor Hardened Armor Decoy
Reactive Armor Heavy Armor Anti Missile System

Heat Effects

Heat Effects
Ballistic ammunition explosion ammunition explosion: critical weapon jam
Energy heat sink overload heat sink overload: critical weapons offline
Mech avoid shutdown shutdown: critical engine overheat


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