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We have several arenas from the original Solaris boxed set. I have converted several of these for use as MWDA Solaris arenas. Some require special rules, some do not. 

This is not my complete list but bear with me as I type them up and scan decent pictures of the maps.


Boreal Ranch

    This arena is known as a technological masterpiece with its climate controls and holographic equipment. Any type of weather can be simulated here from dry scorching heat to freezing blizzards.


The Factory

    This is an old Battlemech factory that was destroyed during the Succession Wars. Assembly lines long since operational, this old factory was converted into an arena. It contains a two story building connected to a three story building by a ramp from the second floors. A courtyard surrounds both buildings.



     A collection of twisting and winding passages in this artificial cave system makes any bout in this arena a deadly game of cat and mouse. Only the original designer knows the entire floor plan and he took that knowledge with him to the grave.


The Jungle

     The outside of this arena is a huge pyramid. The inside contains a heavily forested jungle with a river running the length of the arena. A waterfall drops into a deep pool at one end. Very few clear spots can be found in this arena to provide clear lines of fire.


The Coliseum

     Modeled after the Coliseum of ancient Rome, this arena includes six large wall sections and 20 columns that raise and lower. An unwary pilot might find his carefully laid trap disintegrate as his cover drops back down into the arena floor.


Coliseum Stable

   The mech bay found under the coliseum is the staging area for matches in the Coliseum.



The Pit

   Bane of small mechs, this arena was nothing but a pit of toxic sludge. Almost the entire map is underwater reducing many matches to up close and personal beatdowns.



The Pool

  Bane of small mechs, this arena was nothing but an old quarry that has been allowed to fill with water. Mechwarriors who are down on their luck usually fight in this arena that is far off of the regular circuit.


King of the Mountain

  Consisting solely of a hill in the middle of the arena, this venue provides a deceptively challenging set of problems. Any mechwarrior crazy enough to stand on the top will be rewarded by the crowd for their bravery. But beware as every pilot in the arena will be able to shoot at him. Wily mechwarriors can play cat and mouse with each other.


Hartford Gardens

  An estate converted into an arena, this arena provides a simple battlefield for your all of your mass mech destruction.



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