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AOD-G-005 Full Strike (Medium 30 pts.)

AOD-G-006 Agility (Medium 35 pts.)

AOD-G-007 Armor Piercing (Medium 35 pts.)

AOD-G-008 Reflective Armor (Medium 35 pts.)

AOD-G-009 Heavy Armor (Medium 35 pts.)

AOD-G-010 Mechanical Repair (Medium 17 pts.)

AOD-G-016 Electronic Camouflage (Medium 23 pts.)

AOD-G-026 Additional Heat Sinks (Medium 39 pts.)

FI-G-038 Pulse (Medium 37 pts.)

FI-G-039 Flamers (Medium 30 pts.)

FI-G-044 Extra Ammo (Medium 5 pts.)

FI-G-046 Refocused Laser (Medium 21 pts.)

FI-G-053 Enhanced Imaging (Medium 13 pts.)

AN-G-065 Heavy Armor (Medium 35 pts.)

AN-G-066 Evade (Single Use) (Medium 22 pts.)

AN-G-070 ECM Suite (Medium 22 pts.)

AN-G-071 Beagle Active Probe (Medium 35 pts.)

AN-G-072 Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor (Medium 39 pts.)

AN-G-073 Light Ferro-Fibrous Armor (Medium 30 pts.)

AN-G-074 CASE (Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment) (Medium 35 pts.)

AN-G-077 Anti-Personnel Pods (Medium 11 pts.)

AN-G-078 Alternative Firing Mode (Medium 22 pts.)

AN-G-079 PPC Capacitor (Medium 29 pts.)

AN-G-080 Supercharger (Medium 9 pts.)

AN-G-084 Reinforced Armor (Medium 46 pts.)

AN-G-088 Impact Armor (Medium 26 pts.)

DOM-G-096 Anti-Personnel (Medium 24 pts.)

DOM-G-097 Additional Heat Sinks (Medium 39 pts.)

DOM-G-098 Rapid Strike (Medium 29 pts.)

DOM-G-099 Brawling (Medium 17 pts.)

DOM-G-100 Homing Beacon (Medium 43 pts.)

DOM-G-108 Explosive Rounds (Medium 39 pts.)

DOM-G-109 M-Pod (Medium 13 pts.)

DOM-G-110 Plasma Gun (Medium 22 pts.)

DOM-G-111 Back-Up Power (Medium 26 pts.)

DOM-G-118 C3i (Medium 26 pts.)

DOM-G-119 C3i (Medium 26 pts.)

DOM-G-120 C3i (Medium 26 pts.)

DOM-G-125 Harjel II Auto-Repair System (Medium 35 pts.)

DOM-G-126 Handheld Laser (Medium 14 pts.)

DOM-G-127 Double Rate (Medium 37 pts.)

DOM-G-128 Ablative Armor (Medium 26 pts.)

VG-G-136 Point Defense (Medium 6 pts.)

VG-G-137 Decoy (Medium 30 pts.)

VG-G-138 Grapple (Medium 24 pts.)

VG-G-139 Ablative Armor (Medium 26 pts.)

VG-G-144 R.I.S.C. Armor-Piercing Explosive Rounds (Medium 22 pts.)

VG-G-145 R.I.S.C. Viral Homing-Beacon Jammer (Medium 11 pts.)

VG-G-150 Vibroblade (Medium 21 pts.)

VG-G-157 R.I.S.C. Emergency Coolant System (Medium 11 pts.)

VG-G-158 R.I.S.C. Heat Sink Override Kit (Medium 9 pts.)

VG-G-159 R.I.S.C. Continuous-Fire Mode (Medium 17 pts.)

WS-G-168 Artemis V Fire-Control System (Medium 30 pts.)

WS-G-169 Improved Targeting (Medium 35 pts.)

WS-G-178 Coolant Pod (Medium 12 pts.)

WS-G-179 R.I.S.C. Overcharger (Medium 8 pts.)

WS-G-185 Improved Myomer (Medium 24 pts.)

WS-G-191 R.I.S.C. Fire Shot (Medium 15 pts.)

WS-G-193 R.I.S.C. Hot-Drop Shielding (Medium 15 pts.)

BF-G-002 Infantry-Hunter Retrofit (Medium 66 pts.)

BF-G-A06 Immobilization Retrofit (Medium 85 pts.)

SOL-G-009 Vibroblade (Medium 21 pts.)

SOL-G-010 Reflective Armor (Medium 35 pts.)

SOL-G-011 M-Pod (Medium 20 pts.)

SOL-G-012 Flail (Medium 9 pts.)

SOL-G-013 Impact Armor (Medium 26 pts.)

SOL-G-014 Reinforced Armor (Medium 46 pts.)

SOL-G-026 Torso Modification (Medium 9 pts.)

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