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AOD-G-021 Flamers (Single Use) (Assault 22 pts.)

AOD-G-022 Armor Piercing (Assault 50 pts.)

AOD-G-023 Pulse (Single Use) (Assault 26 pts.)

AOD-G-024 Anti-Personnel (Assault 34 pts.)

AOD-G-025 CASE (Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment) (Assault 50 pts.)

AOD-G-028 Anti-Aircraft Targeting Equipment (Assault 13 pts.)

AOD-G-030 ECM Suite (Assault 31 pts.)

FI-G-040 Alpha Strike (Single Use) (Assault 50 pts.)

FI-G-041 Grapple (Assault 34 pts.)

FI-G-042 Electronic Camouflage (Assault 22 pts.)

FI-G-043 Camouflage (Single Use) (Assault 3 pts.)

FI-G-050 Lock-On Targeting (Assault 10 pts.)

FI-G-051 Extended-Range Ammo (Assault 37 pts.)

AN-G-076 Coolant Pod (Assault 16 pts.)

AN-G-081 Camouflage (Assault 6 pts.)

AN-G-083 Improved Tracking (Assault 19 pts.)

AN-G-087 Anti-Missile System (Assault 43 pts.)

DOM-G-115 Heat-Seeking Ammo (Assault 19 pts.)

DOM-G-131 Angel ECM Suite (Assault 43 pts.)

VG-G-149 R.I.S.C. Deforester (Assault 20 pts.)

VG-G-163 Coolant Pod (Assault 16 pts.)

WS-G-173 Streak Missiles (Single Use) (Assault 22 pts.)

WS-G-174 Extra Ammo (Assault 7 pts.)

WS-G-182 Melee Hardening (Assault 20 pts.)

WS-G-189 Anti-Personnel Pod (Assault 18 pts.)

WS-G-192 R.I.S.C. Seismic Dampener (Assault 17 pts.)

BF-G-004 Guardian Retrofit (Assault 98 pts.)

BF-G-A07 TAG Retrofit (Assault 90 pts.)

BF-G-A08 Command Retrofit (Assault 106 pts.)

BF-G-A11 CASE (Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment) II (Assault 57 pts.)

BF-G-A12 Heavy Armor (Assault 68 pts.)

SOL-G-021 Additional Heat Sinks (Assault 56 pts.)

SOL-G-022 Reflective Armor (Assault 50 pts.)

SOL-G-023 Pile Driver (Assault 25 pts.)

SOL-G-024 Artemis V Fire-Control System (Assault 44 pts.)

SOL-G-028 CASE (Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment) II (Assault 57 pts.)

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