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AOD-G-011 Reactive Armor (Heavy 44 pts.)

AOD-G-012 Decoy (Heavy 38 pts.)

AOD-G-017 Retractable Blade (Heavy 22 pts.)

AOD-G-018 Improved Targeting (Heavy 44 pts.)

AOD-G-019 Streak Missiles (Heavy 38 pts.)

AOD-G-020 Alpha Strike (Single Use) (Heavy 44 pts.)

AOD-G-027 Swarm-I Ammo (Heavy 27 pts.)

AOD-G-029 Artemis IV Fire-Control (Heavy 38 pts.)

AOD-G-031 Rapid Strike (Heavy 39 pts.)

AOD-G-032 Armor Piercing (Heavy 44 pts.)

FI-G-047 Experimental Pulse (Heavy 37 pts.)

FI-G-048 Heat Seeking Ammo (Heavy 17 pts.)

FI-G-049 Vibroblade (Heavy 25 pts.)

FI-G-054 Command (Heavy 4 pts.)

FI-G-055 Reengineered Laser (Heavy 45 pts.)

FI-G-056 Concussion Ammo (Heavy 24 pts.)

FI-G-057 Additional Heat Sinks (Heavy 49 pts.)

FI-G-058 Refined Pulse (Heavy 53 pts.)

AN-G-067 Reactive Armor (Heavy 44 pts.)

AN-G-068 Camouflage (Single Use) (Heavy 3 pts.)

AN-G-075 Laser Anti-Missile System (Heavy 44 pts.)

AN-G-082 ECCM Suite (Heavy 27 pts.)

AN-G-085 BattleMech Jump Pack (Heavy 20 pts.)

AN-G-089 Anti-Aircraft Targeting Equipment (Heavy 11 pts.)

DOM-G-101 Pulse (Single-Use) (Heavy 25 pts.)

DOM-G-102 TSEMP (Single-Use) (Heavy 25 pts.)

DOM-G-103 Armor Piercing (Heavy 44 pts.)

DOM-G-112 CASE (Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment) (Heavy 44 pts.)

DOM-G-113 Heat-Dissipating Armor (Heavy 33 pts.)

DOM-G-114 Concussion Ammo (Heavy 24 pts.)

DOM-G-121 C3i (Heavy 33 pts.)

DOM-G-122 Enhanced Imaging (Heavy 22 pts.)

DOM-G-129 Inferno Flamers (Heavy 44 pts.)

DOM-G-130 Command (Heavy 4 pts.)

VG-G-140 Reflective Armor (Heavy 44 pts.)

VG-G-141 Anti-Aircraft Targeting Equipment (Heavy 11 pts.)

VG-G-146 R.I.S.C. Bunker Buster (Heavy 17 pts.)

VG-G-147 R.I.S.C. Advanced Point Defense (Heavy 17 pts.)

VG-G-148 R.I.S.C. Hyper Laser (Heavy 19 pts.)

VG-G-151 Explosive Rounds (Heavy 49 pts.)

VG-G-152 Laser Anti-Missile System (Heavy 44 pts.)

VG-G-153 PPC Capacitor (Heavy 32 pts.)

VG-G-154 Enhanced Targeting Range (Heavy 42 pts.)

VG-G-160 R.I.S.C. Supercooled Myomer (Heavy 24 pts.)

VG-G-161 R.I.S.C. Saturation-Fire Mode (Heavy 22 pts.)

VG-G-162 Evade (Single Use) (Heavy 26 pts.)

WS-G-170 Anti-Personnel (Heavy 34 pts.)

WS-G-171 Full Strike (Heavy 38 pts.)

WS-G-172 Electronic Camouflage (Heavy 23 pts.)

WS-G-180 C.I.W.S. (Close In Weapons System) (Heavy 20 pts.)

WS-G-181 Inferno Ammunition (Heavy 49 pts.)

WS-G-186 Heavy Laser (Heavy 25 pts.)

WS-G-187 Cockpit Ejection Pod (Heavy 20 pts.)

WS-G-188 Swarm I Ammo (Heavy 27 pts.)

BF-G-003 Melee Retrofit (Heavy 65 pts.)

BF-G-A09 Improved Targeting (Heavy 44 pts.)

BF-G-A10 R.I.S.C. Emergency Coolant System (Heavy 13 pts.)

SOL-G-015 Reflective Armor (Heavy 44 pts.)

SOL-G-016 BattleMech Jump Pack (Heavy 20 pts.)

SOL-G-017 Mace (Heavy 13 pts.)

SOL-G-018 Heat-Dissipating Armor (Heavy 33 pts.)

SOL-G-019 Inferno Flamers (Heavy 34 pts.)

SOL-G-020 Reactive Armor (Heavy 44 pts.)

SOL-G-027 Fluid Gun - Coolant (Heavy 38 pts.)

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