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AOD-G-001 Pulse (Light 23 pts.)

AOD-G-002 Evade (Light 33 pts.)

AOD-G-003 Improved Targeting (Light 23 pts.)

AOD-G-004 Decoy (Light 21 pts.)

AOD-G-013 Inferno Ammunition (Light 26 pts.)

AOD-G-014 Anti-Missile System (Light 21 pts.)

AOD-G-015 Double Rate (Light 23 pts.)

AOD-G-033 Rapid Strike (Light 29 pts.)

FI-G-034 Homing Beacon (Single Use) (Light 14 pts.)

FI-G-035 Grapple (Light 15 pts.)

FI-G-036 Armor Piercing (Light 23 pts.)

FI-G-037 Anti-Personnel (Light 14 pts.)

FI-G-045 Improved Myomer (Light 17 pts.)

FI-G-052 Artemis IV Fire-Control System (Light 21 pts.)

AN-G-059 Harjel II Auto-Repair System (Light 17 pts.)

AN-G-060 Heavy Armor (Light 23 pts.)

AN-G-061 Reactive Armor (Light 23 pts.)

AN-G-062 Reflective Armor (Light 23 pts.)

AN-G-063 Camouflage (Single Use) (Light 2 pts.)

AN-G-064 Electronic Camouflage (Light 10 pts.)

AN-G-069 Null-Signature System (Light 29 pts.)

AN-G-086 Radical Heat Sinks (Light 17 pts.)

AN-G-090 Bola Pods (Light 6 pts.)

DOM-G-091 Improved Targeting (Light 23 pts.)

DOM-G-092 Evade (Light 33 pts.)

DOM-G-093 Streak Missiles (Light 21 pts.)

DOM-G-094 Inferno Ammunition (Light 26 pts.)

DOM-G-095 Rapid Strike (Light 19 pts.)

DOM-G-104 BattleMech Jump Pack (Light 14 pts.)

DOM-G-105 Fluid Gun - Corrosive (Light 23 pts.)

DOM-G-106 Fluid Gun - Viscid Incindiary (Light 29 pts.)

DOM-G-107 Locator Upgrade (Light 14 pts.)

DOM-G-116 Patchwork Armor (Light 32 pts.)

DOM-G-117 C3i (Light 17 pts.)

DOM-G-123 Supercharger (Light 6 pts.)

DOM-G-124 Fragmentation Missiles (Light 21 pts.)

VG-G-132 Repair (Light 23 pts.)

VG-G-133 Homing Beacon (Single-Use) (Light 14 pts.)

VG-G-134 TSEMP (Light 27 pts.)

VG-G-135 Supercharger (Light 6 pts.)

VG-G-142 R.I.S.C. Repeating TSEMP (Light 11 pts.)

VG-G-143 R.I.S.C. Viral Decoy Jammer (Light 9 pts.)

VG-G-155 R.I.S.C. Overcharger (Light 5 pts.)

VG-G-156 R.I.S.C. Advanced Pulse Module (Light 10 pts.)

WS-G-164 Alpha Strike (Single Use) (Light 23 pts.)

WS-G-165 Decoy (Light 21 pts.)

WS-G-166 Agility (Light 21 pts.)

WS-G-167 Flamers (Light 15 pts.)

WS-G-175 Extended-Range Ammo (Light 17 pts.)

WS-G-176 Inferno Flamers (Light 23 pts.)

WS-G-177 Lock-On Targeting (Light 5 pts.)

WS-G-183 Haywire Missiles (Light 21 pts.)

WS-G-184 Triple Strength Myomer Weave (Light 30 pts.)

WS-G-190 R.I.S.C. Queen Bee Ammo (Light 15 pts.)

BF-G-001 Scout Retrofit (Light 49 pts.)

BF-G-A05 Stealth Retrofit (Light 50 pts.)

SOL-G-001 Heavy Armor (Light 23 pts.)

SOL-G-002 Reactive Armor (Light 23 pts.)

SOL-G-003 Reflective Armor (Light 23 pts.)

SOL-G-004 Advanced Anti-Missile System (Light 23 pts.)

SOL-G-005 Fluid Gun - Corrosive (Light 23 pts.)

SOL-G-006 Fluid Gun - Viscid Incindiary (Light 29 pts.)

SOL-G-007 Lance (Light 14 pts.)

SOL-G-008 Brawling (Light 11 pts.)

SOL-G-025 Harjel III Auto-Repair System (Light 32 pts.)

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