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D001 Peasant Company 4 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D002 Peasant Company 5 pts. (Highlanders)

D003 Peasant Company 6 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D004 Standard Foot 7 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D005 Standard Foot 10 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D006 Standard Foot 13 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D007 Hoverbike Squad 13 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D008 Hoverbike Squad 14 pts. (Highlanders)

D009 Hoverbike Squad 15 pts. (Swordsworn)

D010 Cavalier Battle Armor 14 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D011 Cavalier Battle Armor 16 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D012 Cavalier Battle Armor 17 pts. (Swordsworn)

D013 Purifier Battle Armor 13 pts. (Swordsworn)

D014 Purifier Battle Armor 14 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D015 Purifier Battle Armor 15 pts. (Highlanders)

D016 Hauberk Battle Armor 21 pts. (Swordsworn)

D017 Hauberk Battle Armor 24 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D018 Hauberk Battle Armor 27 pts. (Highlanders)

D019 Clan Battle Armor 14 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D020 Clan Battle Armor 15 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D021 Clan Battle Armor 17 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D022 Gnome Battle Armor 18 pts. (Highlanders)

D023 Gnome Battle Armor 19 pts. (Swordsworn)

D024 Gnome Battle Armor 20 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D025 VV1 Ranger 19 pts. (Highlanders)

D026 VV1 Ranger 21 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D027 VV1 Ranger 23 pts. (Swordsworn)

D028 Scimitar MKII 24 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D029 Scimitar MKII 26 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D030 Scimitar MKII 27 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D031 Fox Armored Car 18 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D032 Fox Armored Car 19 pts. (Highlanders)

D033 Fox Armored Car 21 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D034 Shandra Scout Vehicle 15 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D035 Shandra Scout Vehicle 17 pts. (Swordsworn)

D036 Shandra Scout Vehicle 21 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D037 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 19 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D038 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 20 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D039 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 21 pts. (Swordsworn)

D040 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 16 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D041 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 19 pts. (Highlanders)

D042 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 22 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D043 Mobile HQ 24 pts. (Swordsworn)

D044 Mobile HQ 25 pts. (Highlanders)

D045 Mobile HQ 26 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D046 SM1 Tank Destroyer 36 pts. (Highlanders)

D047 SM1 Tank Destroyer 40 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D048 SM1 Tank Destroyer 43 pts. (Swordsworn)

D049 Condor Tank 37 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D050 Condor Tank 39 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D051 Condor Tank 41 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D052 BE701 Joust Tank 39 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D053 BE701 Joust Tank 41 pts. (Highlanders)

D054 BE701 Joust Tank 42 pts. (Swordsworn)

D055 JES Missile Carrier 35 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D056 JES Missile Carrier 38 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D057 JES Missile Carrier 41 pts. (Highlanders)

D058 Demon Medium Tank 31 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D059 Demon Medium Tank 36 pts. (Swordsworn)

D060 Demon Medium Tank 41 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D061 M1 Marksman Tank 78 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D062 M1 Marksman Tank 84 pts. (Highlanders)

D063 M1 Marksman Tank 90 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D064 DI Schmitt Tank 84 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D065 DI Schmitt Tank 89 pts. (Highlanders)

D066 DI Schmitt Tank 94 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D067 JESII Missile Carrier 74 pts. (Swordsworn)

D068 JESII Missile Carrier 76 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D069 JESII Missile Carrier 80 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D070 Behemoth II Tank 90 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D071 Behemoth II Tank 96 pts. (Swordsworn)

D072 Behemoth II Tank 101 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D073 MiningMech 66 pts. (Swordsworn)

D074 MiningMech 80 pts. (Highlanders)

D075 ConstructionMech 67 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D076 ConstructionMech 81 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D077 AgroMech 62 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D078 AgroMech 69 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D079 ForestryMech 80 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D080 ForestryMech 93 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D081 MiningMech MOD 66 pts. (Swordsworn)

D082 MiningMech MOD 75 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D083 MiningMech MOD 82 pts. (Highlanders)

D084 ConstructionMech MOD 71 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D085 ConstructionMech MOD 77 pts. (Highlanders)

D086 ConstructionMech MOD 87 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D087 AgroMech MOD 76 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D088 AgroMech MOD 84 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D089 AgroMech MOD 87 pts. (Swordsworn)

D090 ForestryMech MOD 100 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D091 ForestryMech MOD 104 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D092 ForestryMech MOD 107 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D093 Koshi 98 pts. (Highlanders)

D094 Koshi 109 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D095 Koshi 116 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D096 Spider 93 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D097 Spider 95 pts. (Highlanders)

D098 Spider 97 pts. (Swordsworn)

D099 Centurion 139 pts. (Highlanders)

D100 Centurion 146 pts. (Swordsworn)

D101 Centurion 153 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D102 Black Hawk 147 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D103 Black Hawk 156 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D104 Black Hawk 160 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D105 Janis Nova Cat (Arbalest) 122 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D106 William Pyro Peterson (Firestarter) 120 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D107 Fetanet Eryaman (Panther) 97 pts. (Swordsworn)

D108 Miguel V (Pack Hunter) 121 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D109 Leena Cochrane (Hatchetman) 136 pts. (Highlanders)

D110 Caden Senn (Ryoken II) 191 pts. (Highlanders)

D111 Jaqueline Tadaka (Legionnaire) 124 pts. (Swordsworn)

D112 Meghann Tenclay (Catapult) 193 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D113 Kendrick Fetladral (Mad Cat III) 129 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D114 Kriya Wolf (Tundra Wolf) 206 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D115 Dereck Hasbani (Atlas) 286 pts. (Swordsworn)

D116 Erin Johnston (Jupiter) 289 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D117 Cpl. Cesar Spano (VV1 Ranger) 24 pts. (Swordsworn)

D118 Lisabet Wolf (Scimitar MKII) 30 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D119 Magpie' Webster (Fox Armored Car) 24 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D120 Mikel Nova Cat (SM1 Tank Destroyer) 50 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D121 Sgt. Gregory Lee (Condor Tank) 44 pts. (Swordsworn)

D122 Etan Nova Cat (BE701 Joust Tank) 62 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D123 Daneel Wolf (JES Missile Carrier) 41 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D124 Sgt. Alec Denner (Demon Medium Tank) 42 pts. (Swordsworn)

D125 Gunsho Jun'ko Oshiro (M1 Marksman Tank) 95 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D126 Sgt. Leo Riordan (DI Schmitt Tank) 93 pts. (Swordsworn)

D127 Go-cho Dmitri Sorkin (JESII Missile Carrier) 87 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D128 Dekker Nova Cat (Behemoth II Tank) 93 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D129 Hitoshi Sato (Pack Hunter) 142 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D130 Bart Bradshaw (Arbalest) 124 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D131 Dagger Di Jones (Hatchetman) 141 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D132 Rikkard Nova Cat (Firestarter) 139 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D133 Abeda Measho (Panther) 115 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D134 Santiago Padilla (Firestarter) 110 pts. (Swordsworn)

D135 Tara Bishop (Pack Hunter) 122 pts. (Highlanders)

D136 Scott Tracyk (Legionnaire) 133 pts. (Swordsworn)

D137 Danni Haag (Arbalest) 128 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

D138 Sadia Wolf (Catapult) 239 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D139 Janella Lakewood (Tundra Wolf) 256 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

D140 Mason Dunne (Mad Cat III) 193 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

D141 Capt. Ben Gerringer (Panther) 102 pts. (Swordsworn)

D142 One Eyed Jack Farrell (Jupiter) 295 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

D143 Paladin Jonah Levin (Atlas) 300 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

D144 Lt. Diane Jameson (Ryoken II) 224 pts. (Swordsworn)

D145 Joel Brane (Koshi) 142 pts. (Highlanders)

D146 Skullcap Garrett (Spider) 129 pts. (Swordsworn)

D147 Sariah Nova Cat (Centurion) 174 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D148 Yulri Wolf (Black Hawk) 167 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D149 Tora's Unruly Mob (Peasant Company) 7 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D150 Kara's Pride (Standard Foot) 17 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D151 Tora's Zephyr (Hoverbike Squad) 14 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D152 Kara's Vision (Cavalier Battle Armor) 16 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D153 Shadow Stalkers (Purifier Battle Armor) 18 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D154 Tora's Shield (Hauberk Battle Armor) 28 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D155 The Scorchers (Clan Battle Armor) 26 pts. (Spirit Cats)

D156 Tora's Claw (Gnome Battle Armor) 24 pts. (Steel Wolves)

D157 Collin Yukinov (Cougar) 139 pts. (Mercenary)

D158 Nikol Brahe (Zeus) 174 pts. (Mercenary)

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