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FP001 Gun Nest 24 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP002 Gun Nest 26 pts. (Mercenary)

FP003 Gun Nest 28 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP004 Gun Nest 28 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP005 Flamer Team 12 pts. (Highlanders)

FP006 Flamer Team 14 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP007 Flamer Team 16 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP008 Flamer Team 16 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP009 TrackBike 14 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP010 TrackBike 16 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP011 TrackBike 18 pts. (House Liao)

FP012 TrackBike 18 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP013 Sniper Team 20 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP014 Sniper Team 22 pts. (House Liao)

FP015 Sniper Team 24 pts. (Highlanders)

FP016 Sniper Team 24 pts. (Mercenary)

FP017 Sylph Battle Armor 26 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP018 Sylph Battle Armor 28 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP019 Sylph Battle Armor 30 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP020 Sylph Battle Armor 30 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP021 Gray Death Scout Armor 17 pts. (House Liao)

FP022 Gray Death Scout Armor 19 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP023 Gray Death Scout Armor 21 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP024 Gray Death Scout Armor 21 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP025 Elemental Battle Armor 16 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP026 Elemental Battle Armor 18 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP027 Elemental Battle Armor 20 pts. (Highlanders)

FP028 Elemental Battle Armor 20 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP029 Gnome Battle Armor 18 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP030 Gnome Battle Armor 20 pts. (Mercenary)

FP031 Gnome Battle Armor 22 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP032 Gnome Battle Armor 23 pts. (Highlanders)

FP033 Skadi Swift Attack VTOL 42 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP034 Skadi Swift Attack VTOL 45 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP035 Skadi Swift Attack VTOL 48 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP036 Skadi Swift Attack VTOL 48 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP037 Kite Reconnaisance Vehicle 32 pts. (House Liao)

FP038 Kite Reconnaisance Vehicle 35 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP039 Kite Reconnaisance Vehicle 38 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP040 Kite Reconnaisance Vehicle 38 pts. (Highlanders)

FP041 Nacon Armored Scout 37 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP042 Nacon Armored Scout 39 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP043 Nacon Armored Scout 41 pts. (Highlanders)

FP044 Nacon Armored Scout 41 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP045 Cardinal Transport 36 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP046 Cardinal Transport 39 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP047 Cardinal Transport 42 pts. (Mercenary)

FP048 Cardinal Transport 42 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP049 Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle 61 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP050 Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle 63 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP051 Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle 65 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP052 Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle 65 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP053 Skanda Light Tank 46 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP054 Skanda Light Tank 48 pts. (Mercenary)

FP055 Skanda Light Tank 50 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP056 Skanda Light Tank 50 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP057 MHI Amphibious APC 44 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP058 MHI Amphibious APC 45 pts. (Highlanders)

FP059 MHI Amphibious APC 46 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP060 MHI Amphibious APC 46 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP061 Sniper Artillery 55 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP062 Sniper Artillery 57 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP063 Sniper Artillery 61 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP064 Sniper Artillery 61 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP065 Kinnol MBT 56 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP066 Kinnol MBT 60 pts. (Highlanders)

FP067 Kinnol MBT 64 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP068 Kinnol MBT 64 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP069 Paladin Defense System 73 pts. (Mercenary)

FP070 Paladin Defense System 77 pts. (Highlanders)

FP071 Paladin Defense System 82 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP072 Paladin Defense System 82 pts. (House Liao)

FP073 Long Tom Artillery 61 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP074 Long Tom Artillery 66 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP075 Long Tom Artillery 70 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP076 Long Tom Artillery 74 pts. (House Liao)

FP077 Kelswa Assault Tank 96 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP078 Kelswa Assault Tank 100 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP079 Kelswa Assault Tank 104 pts. (Highlanders)

FP080 Kelswa Assault Tank 104 pts. (Mercenary)

FP081 SalvageMech MOD 95 pts. (Highlanders)

FP082 SalvageMech MOD 97 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP083 SalvageMech MOD 99 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP084 SalvageMech MOD 99 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP085 Ocelot 117 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP086 Ocelot 122 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP087 Ocelot 127 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP088 Ocelot 127 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP089 Panther 120 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP090 Panther 125 pts. (Mercenary)

FP091 Panther 130 pts. (House Liao)

FP092 Panther 130 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP093 Stinger 100 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP094 Stinger 104 pts. (Highlanders)

FP095 Stinger 106 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP096 Stinger 106 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP097 Spider 103 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP098 Spider 106 pts. (House Liao)

FP099 Spider 109 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP100 Spider 109 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP101 Koshi 108 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP102 Koshi 117 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP103 Koshi 122 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP104 Koshi 122 pts. (Mercenary)

FP105 Shadow Hawk IIC 143 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP106 Shadow Hawk IIC 146 pts. (Highlanders)

FP107 Shadow Hawk IIC 149 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP108 Shadow Hawk IIC 149 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP109 Griffin 160 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP110 Griffin 164 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP111 Griffin 165 pts. (Highlanders)

FP112 Griffin 165 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP113 Tracey Crowder (Uziel) 160 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP114 Eve Buhallin (Eyrie) 145 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP115 Caria Gordon (Storm Raider) 135 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP116 Jiyi Chistu (Gyrfalcon) 215 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP117 Najeh Hammond (Tiburon) 137 pts. (Clan Sea Fox)

FP118 Latonya Lyons (Vulture) 239 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP119 Noel Hurtado (Thor) 267 pts. (House Liao)

FP120 Tina Matsu-Hrung (Tundra Wolf) 261 pts. (Mercenary)

FP121 Monic Deleportas (Warhammer IIC) 246 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP122 Shone Roshak (Shrike) 300 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP123 Leroy Rhoads (Cyclops) 293 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP124 Chas Kearns (Templar) 290 pts. (Highlanders)

FP137 Jon Roberson (SalvageMech MOD) 102 pts. (Mercenary)

FP138 Rob Hoge (Ocelot) 111 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP139 Alissa Goldberg (Panther) 104 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP140 Aniceto Tuvida (Stinger) 116 pts. (House Liao)

FP141 Lenett Lossey (Spider) 126 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP142 Flavio Rodriguez (Koshi) 111 pts. (House Liao)

FP143 Maria Devalis (Shadow Hawk IIC) 127 pts. (Spirit Cats)

FP144 Chuck Stepp (Griffin) 136 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP145 Mikhail Thacker (Uziel) 170 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP146 Lyza Helmer (Eyrie) 136 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP147 Cyril Schielka (Storm Raider) 140 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP148 Benj Malthus (Gyrfalcon) 178 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP149 Josem Hawker (Tiburon) 133 pts. (Clan Sea Fox)

FP150 Tammi Miller (Vulture) 211 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FP151 Kava Graves (Thor) 228 pts. (Highlanders)

FP152 M.D. Tompkins (Tundra Wolf) 250 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FP153 Dock Steward (Warhammer IIC) 218 pts. (Highlanders)

FP154 Ichiba Pryde (Shrike) 305 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FP155 K. Kitsman (Cyclops) 294 pts. (Swordsworn)

FP156 Cacey Duncan (Templar) 293 pts. (Mercenary)

FP157 Vincent DeLeon (Eyrie) 148 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FPJF1 Trovic Nilloba (Gyrfalcon) 230 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

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