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F001 Elite Infantry 14 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F002 Elite Infantry 16 pts. (Highlanders)

F003 Elite Infantry 18 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F004 Shock Troopers 14 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F005 Shock Troopers 16 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F006 Shock Troopers 18 pts. (Mercenary)

F007 SRM Team 15 pts. (Highlanders)

F008 SRM Team 16 pts. (Swordsworn)

F009 SRM Team 17 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F010 Laser Team 14 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F011 Laser Team 16 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F012 Laser Team 18 pts. (Swordsworn)

F013 Raiden Battle Armor 14 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F014 Raiden Battle Armor 17 pts. (Mercenary)

F015 Raiden Battle Armor 20 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F016 Hauberk Battle Armor 21 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F017 Hauberk Battle Armor 24 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F018 Hauberk Battle Armor 27 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F019 Kage Battle Armor 14 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F020 Kage Battle Armor 16 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F021 Kage Battle Armor 18 pts. (Swordsworn)

F022 Fenrir Battle Armor 14 pts. (Swordsworn)

F023 Fenrir Battle Armor 16 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F024 Fenrir Battle Armor 18 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F025 Saxon APC 23 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F026 Saxon APC 25 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F027 Saxon APC 27 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F028 Giggins APC 26 pts. (Swordsworn)

F029 Giggins APC 29 pts. (Mercenary)

F030 Giggins APC 32 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F031 Maxim Mk2 Transport 28 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F032 Maxim Mk2 Transport 31 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F033 Maxim Mk2 Transport 34 pts. (Highlanders)

F034 Thumper Artillery 41 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F035 Thumper Artillery 42 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F036 Thumper Artillery 43 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F037 Sniper Artillery 58 pts. (Mercenary)

F038 Sniper Artillery 61 pts. (Highlanders)

F039 Sniper Artillery 68 pts. (Swordsworn)

F040 Long Tom Artillery 55 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F041 Long Tom Artillery 57 pts. (Highlanders)

F042 Long Tom Artillery 60 pts. (Swordsworn)

F043 Tamerlane Strike Sled 21 pts. (Swordsworn)

F044 Tamerlane Strike Sled 23 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F045 Tamerlane Strike Sled 25 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F046 JESIII Missile Carrier 31 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F047 JESIII Missile Carrier 35 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F048 JESIII Missile Carrier 39 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F049 Bellona Tank 34 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F050 Bellona Tank 37 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F051 Bellona Tank 41 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F052 Di Morgan Assault Tank 67 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F053 Di Morgan Assault Tank 73 pts. (Mercenary)

F054 Di Morgan Assault Tank 79 pts. (Swordsworn)

F055 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 20 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F056 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 22 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F057 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 24 pts. (Highlanders)

F058 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 17 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F059 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 21 pts. (Swordsworn)

F060 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 25 pts. (Mercenary)

F061 AgroMech Mk II 79 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F062 AgroMech Mk II 85 pts. (Swordsworn)

F063 AgroMech Mk II 90 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F064 AgroMech MkII MOD 78 pts. (Mercenary)

F065 AgroMech MkII MOD 84 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F066 AgroMech MkII MOD 90 pts. (Swordsworn)

F067 AgroMech MOD B 98 pts. (Highlanders)

F068 AgroMech MOD B 103 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F069 AgroMech MOD B 107 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F070 MiningMech MOD B 82 pts. (Highlanders)

F071 MiningMech MOD B 88 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F072 MiningMech MOD B 91 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F073 Arbalest 108 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F074 Arbalest 113 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F075 Arbalest 119 pts. (Mercenary)

F076 Firestarter MOD 96 pts. (Swordsworn)

F077 Firestarter MOD 105 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F078 Firestarter MOD 116 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F079 Legionnaire 114 pts. (Highlanders)

F080 Legionnaire 119 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F081 Legionnaire 124 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F082 Hatchetman 126 pts. (Swordsworn)

F083 Hatchetman 131 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F084 Hatchetman 139 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F085 Kym Nova Cat (Cougar) 119 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F086 Shin Wolf (Uller) 118 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F087 Katsu Moriyama (Crimson Hawk) 155 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

F088 Cynthia Kelly (Centurion) 171 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F089 Federick Bo (Shadow Cat II) 157 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F090 Lori Kyle (Black Hawk) 160 pts. (Mercenary)

F091 Angus Drummond (Mad Cat II) 267 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F092 Antonia Chinn (Thor) 203 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F093 Alice Vander (Vulture) 174 pts. (Swordsworn)

F094 Yuri Mashnovska (Black Knight) 185 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

F095 Joel Nguyen (Zeus) 175 pts. (Highlanders)

F096 Collin Tolek (Cygnus) 285 pts. (Mercenary)

F097 Commando Team (Elite Infantry) 17 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F098 Strike Team (Shock Troopers) 19 pts. (Swordsworn)

F099 Hazen's Strikers (SRM Team) 20 pts. (Swordsworn)

F100 Team 6 (Laser Team) 19 pts. (Swordsworn)

F101 Pillar One (Raiden Battle Armor) 23 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F102 Tamara's Raiders (Hauberk Battle Armor) 25 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F103 Kagemusha (Kage Battle Armor) 23 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F104 Odin's Fury (Fenrir Battle Armor) 20 pts. (Swordsworn)

F105 Dyann Nova Cat (Saxon APC) 31 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F106 Gunsho Hiroshi Kato (Giggins APC) 36 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F107 Mikos Wolf (Maxim Mk2 Transport) 35 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F108 Malcolm McPherson (Thumper Artillery) 50 pts. (Highlanders)

F109 Kenneth Medchelke (Sniper Artillery) 63 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F110 Sgt. Major Rusty Cooper (Long Tom Artillery) 64 pts. (Swordsworn)

F111 Gunsho Kaul Petrone (Tamerlane Strike Sled) 26 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F112 Broll Wolf (JESIII Missile Carrier) 40 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F113 Savoni (Bellona Tank) 41 pts. (Highlanders)

F114 Lare 'Deadeye' Janik (Di Morgan Assault Tank) 70 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F115 Corporal Saturina Perara (MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle) 28 pts. (Mercenary)

F116 Sergeant Wade Davolt (JI100 Recovery Vehicle) 30 pts. (Highlanders)

F117 Kyle Wolf (AgroMech Mk II) 84 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F118 Cora Nova Cat (AgroMech MkII MOD) 97 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F119 Bill Maignlov (AgroMech MOD B) 110 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F120 Jorges Koffler (MiningMech MOD B) 97 pts. (Mercenary)

F121 James Odom (Arbalest) 124 pts. (Mercenary)

F122 Elora Wolf (Firestarter) 124 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F123 Susan Drummond (Legionnaire) 169 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F124 Tomoko Nagasawa (Hatchetman) 153 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F125 Gwin Fetladral (Cougar) 123 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F126 Malisa Nova Cat (Uller) 129 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F127 Liz Nostra (Crimson Hawk) 159 pts. (Spirit Cats)

F128 Rick Raisho (Centurion) 195 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

F129 Vera Solomon (Shadow Cat II) 179 pts. (Highlanders)

F130 Jodi Mazzanoble (Black Hawk) 182 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

F131 Kal Radick (Mad Cat II) 298 pts. (Steel Wolves)

F132 Gary Metcalf (Thor) 237 pts. (Swordsworn)

F133 Naomi Katina (Vulture) 200 pts. (Highlanders)

F134 Andre Crawford (Black Knight) 244 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

F135 Stefani Ehli (Zeus) 204 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

F136 Domonic Voeller (Cygnus) 283 pts. (Highlanders)

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