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DOM134 Solitaire 'Vengeance' 117 pts. (Clan Wolf)

DOM-L-042 Phelan Ward (Light S:1 A:2 D:1 20 pts. Clan Wolf)

VG081 Thor 219 pts. (Clan Wolf)

VG-G-154 Enhanced Targeting Range (Heavy 42 pts.)

VG-MC-016 Clan Wolf-Steel Wolves 20 pts. (Clan Wolf-Steel Wolves)

VG-P-059 Star Captain (Heavy S:0 A:2 D:1 31 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS001 SRM Team 14 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS020 Purifier Battle Armor 21 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS028 Skadi Swift Attack VTOL 51 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS038 Padilla Anti-Missile Tank 68 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS044 Carnivore Assault Tank 90 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS052 Raven 100 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS064 Griffin 160 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS078 Vulture Mk IV 228 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS083 Mad Cat Mk IV 239 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS090 Marauder IIC 272 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS091 Wulfen 'Gray Hunter' 118 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS097 Warwolf 'Reaver' 211 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS099 Wulfen 'Marrow' 111 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS100 Crimson Hawk 'Forgiven' 122 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS101 Violator 'Cleaver' 122 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS102 Black Knight 'Hot Seat' 190 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS103 Warwolf 'Fell' 212 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS106 Warwolf 'Vindicated' 224 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS108 Griffin 'Stiletto' 160 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS110 Warwolf 'Slayer' 227 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS113 Wulfen 'Fremont' 110 pts. (Clan Wolf)

WS-L-054 Gwin Fetladral (Light S:1 A:2 D:1 18 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-060 Nikki Radick (Heavy S:1 A:2 D:1 32 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-062 Cyrus Wolf (Light S:1 A:2 D:0 16 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-063 Kris Carns (All S:1 A:1 D:1 10 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-064 Ava Ward (Medium S:2 A:1 D:1 12 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-065 Lee Vickers (Heavy S:1 A:1 D:2 27 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-066 Markus Kerensky (Heavy S:2 A:2 D:0 22 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-069 Katherine Steiner-Davion (Medium S:2 A:0 D:2 22 pts. Clan Wolf-House Steiner)

WS-L-070 Gwin Fetladral (Light S:1 A:2 D:1 18 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-076 Nikki Radick (Heavy S:1 A:2 D:1 32 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-079 Vaughn Sender (Heavy S:0 A:1 D:2 20 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-L-081 Samuel Wolf (Light S:0 A:2 D:2 21 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-P-064 Star Commander (Medium S:1 A:1 D:0 10 pts. Clan Wolf)

WS-SA-025 Clan Wolf - House Steiner

WS-SA-026 Clan Jade Falcon - Clan Wolf

WS-SA-027 House Davion - Clan Wolf

BF-MC-A10 Clan Wolf-Steel Wolves 20 pts. (Clan Wolf-Steel Wolves)

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