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D002 Peasant Company 5 pts. (Highlanders)

D008 Hoverbike Squad 14 pts. (Highlanders)

D015 Purifier Battle Armor 15 pts. (Highlanders)

D018 Hauberk Battle Armor 27 pts. (Highlanders)

D022 Gnome Battle Armor 18 pts. (Highlanders)

D025 VV1 Ranger 19 pts. (Highlanders)

D032 Fox Armored Car 19 pts. (Highlanders)

D041 JI100 Recovery Vehicle 19 pts. (Highlanders)

D044 Mobile HQ 25 pts. (Highlanders)

D046 SM1 Tank Destroyer 36 pts. (Highlanders)

D053 BE701 Joust Tank 41 pts. (Highlanders)

D057 JES Missile Carrier 41 pts. (Highlanders)

D062 M1 Marksman Tank 84 pts. (Highlanders)

D065 DI Schmitt Tank 89 pts. (Highlanders)

D074 MiningMech 80 pts. (Highlanders)

D083 MiningMech MOD 82 pts. (Highlanders)

D085 ConstructionMech MOD 77 pts. (Highlanders)

D093 Koshi 98 pts. (Highlanders)

D097 Spider 95 pts. (Highlanders)

D099 Centurion 139 pts. (Highlanders)

D109 Leena Cochrane (Hatchetman) 136 pts. (Highlanders)

D110 Caden Senn (Ryoken II) 191 pts. (Highlanders)

D135 Tara Bishop (Pack Hunter) 122 pts. (Highlanders)

D145 Joel Brane (Koshi) 142 pts. (Highlanders)

F002 Elite Infantry 16 pts. (Highlanders)

F007 SRM Team 15 pts. (Highlanders)

F033 Maxim Mk2 Transport 34 pts. (Highlanders)

F038 Sniper Artillery 61 pts. (Highlanders)

F041 Long Tom Artillery 57 pts. (Highlanders)

F057 MIT23 M.A.S.H. Vehicle 24 pts. (Highlanders)

F067 AgroMech MOD B 98 pts. (Highlanders)

F070 MiningMech MOD B 82 pts. (Highlanders)

F079 Legionnaire 114 pts. (Highlanders)

F095 Joel Nguyen (Zeus) 175 pts. (Highlanders)

F108 Malcolm McPherson (Thumper Artillery) 50 pts. (Highlanders)

F113 Savoni (Bellona Tank) 41 pts. (Highlanders)

F116 Sergeant Wade Davolt (JI100 Recovery Vehicle) 30 pts. (Highlanders)

F129 Vera Solomon (Shadow Cat II) 179 pts. (Highlanders)

F133 Naomi Katina (Vulture) 200 pts. (Highlanders)

F136 Domonic Voeller (Cygnus) 283 pts. (Highlanders)

E011 Towed Autocannon 18 pts. (Highlanders)

E013 Trike Squad 12 pts. (Highlanders)

E020 Kanazuchi Battle Armor 22 pts. (Highlanders)

E023 Achileus Battle Armor 18 pts. (Highlanders)

E031 Cavalier Battle Armor 16 pts. (Highlanders)

E039 Padilla Artillery Tank 53 pts. (Highlanders)

E045 J-37 Ordnance Transport 26 pts. (Highlanders)

E050 Po II Heavy Tank 35 pts. (Highlanders)

E053 DI Towed Field Artillery 37 pts. (Highlanders)

E058 Crow Scout Helicopter 27 pts. (Highlanders)

E064 Lamprey Transport Helicopter 37 pts. (Highlanders)

E085 ConstructionMech MkII 76 pts. (Highlanders)

E089 ConstructionMech MkII MOD 85 pts. (Highlanders)

E102 Cougar 112 pts. (Highlanders)

E105 Uller 118 pts. (Highlanders)

E110 Ghost 138 pts. (Highlanders)

E124 Eriabee Childs (Atlas) 293 pts. (Highlanders)

E125 Tameka Pryer (Partisan AA Vehicle) 39 pts. (Highlanders)

E133 Kurt Larsen (Valiant) 147 pts. (Highlanders)

E141 Melva Golan (Black Knight) 170 pts. (Highlanders)

L005 SRM Launcher 10 pts. (Highlanders)

L011 Laser Battery 13 pts. (Highlanders)

L017 Infiltrator Mk II Battle Armor 14 pts. (Highlanders)

L038 Regulator II Hovertank 54 pts. (Highlanders)

L054 Condor Tank 39 pts. (Highlanders)

L066 Donar Assault Helicopter 52 pts. (Highlanders)

L070 Shun Transport VTOL 47 pts. (Highlanders)

L080 Mars Assault Tank 115 pts. (Highlanders)

L082 ForestryMech B 91 pts. (Highlanders)

L093 Wasp 90 pts. (Highlanders)

L103 Crimson Hawk 137 pts. (Highlanders)

L105 Blade 133 pts. (Highlanders)

L124 Leala Banach (Jupiter) 281 pts. (Highlanders)

L130 Alyson Pelayo (Donar Assault Helicopter) 64 pts. (Highlanders)

L142 Claretha Francis (Valiant) 156 pts. (Highlanders)

CA004 Special Forces Team 16 pts. (Highlanders)

CA028 Inner Sphere Battle Armor 19 pts. (Highlanders)

CA037 Cavalry Attack Helicopter 37 pts. (Highlanders)

CA054 Aesir Medium AA Vehicle 39 pts. (Highlanders)

CA077 Behemoth II Tank 93 pts. (Highlanders)

CA084 ForestryMech MOD-B 92 pts. (Highlanders)

CA106 Shockwave 183 pts. (Highlanders)

CA121 Melicien Tetro (Longbow) 261 pts. (Highlanders)

CA149 Rotem Fridberg (Kodiak) 247 pts. (Highlanders)

FP005 Flamer Team 12 pts. (Highlanders)

FP015 Sniper Team 24 pts. (Highlanders)

FP027 Elemental Battle Armor 20 pts. (Highlanders)

FP032 Gnome Battle Armor 23 pts. (Highlanders)

FP040 Kite Reconnaisance Vehicle 38 pts. (Highlanders)

FP043 Nacon Armored Scout 41 pts. (Highlanders)

FP058 MHI Amphibious APC 45 pts. (Highlanders)

FP066 Kinnol MBT 60 pts. (Highlanders)

FP070 Paladin Defense System 77 pts. (Highlanders)

FP079 Kelswa Assault Tank 104 pts. (Highlanders)

FP081 SalvageMech MOD 95 pts. (Highlanders)

FP094 Stinger 104 pts. (Highlanders)

FP106 Shadow Hawk IIC 146 pts. (Highlanders)

FP111 Griffin 165 pts. (Highlanders)

FP124 Chas Kearns (Templar) 290 pts. (Highlanders)

FP151 Kava Graves (Thor) 228 pts. (Highlanders)

FP153 Dock Steward (Warhammer IIC) 218 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD002 Gun Nest 11 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD010 Towed Gauss Rifle 19 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD015 Pathfinders 14 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD030 Fenrir Battle Armor 17 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD039 JI2A1 Attack APC 44 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD042 Hadur Fast Support Vehicle 48 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD045 MHI Hawk Moth Gunship 45 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD057 DI Morgan Assault Tank 71 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD065 R10 Mechanized ICV 45 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD069 SM2 Heavy Artillery Vehicle 33 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD087 Valiant 119 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD107 Dasher II 139 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD109 Ursa 159 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD122 Battlemaster 'Caber' 224 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD-F-004 Highlanders Faction Pride

AOD-L-005 Countess Tara Campbell (Assault S:1 A:2 D:1 46 pts. Highlanders)

AOD-MC-002 Highlanders 20 pts. (Highlanders)

AOD-P-006 Sergeant (Medium S:0 A:1 D:1 14 pts. Highlanders-Republic of the Sphere)

AOD-SA-004 Highlanders - Spirit Cats

AOD-SA-008 Highlanders - Steel Wolves

FI006 Shock Troopers 16 pts. (Highlanders)

FI048 Mars Assault Tank 115 pts. (Highlanders)

FI060 Goshawk 133 pts. (Highlanders)

FI-F-011 Highlanders/Republic of the Sphere Faction Pride

FI-F-016 Highlanders/Republic of the Sphere Faction Pride

AN-G-059 Harjel II Auto-Repair System (Light 17 pts.)

AN-P-026 Master Sergeant (Light S:0 A:2 D:0 16 pts. Highlanders-Republic of the Sphere)

VG-L-054 Exarch Jonah Levin (Assault S:2 A:1 D:1 28 pts. Highlanders-Republic of the Sphere)

VG-MC-008 Republic of the Sphere-Highlanders 20 pts. (Highlanders-Republic of the Sphere)

BF-MC-A02 Republic of the Sphere-Highlanders 20 pts. (Highlanders-Republic of the Sphere)

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