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AOD076 Hanse MBT 93 pts. (House Davion)

AOD-L-002 Duke Aaron Sandoval (Medium S:1 A:2 D:2 34 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

AOD-MC-004 House Davion-Swordsworn 20 pts. (House Davion-Swordsworn)

AOD-P-004 Captain (Light S:0 A:2 D:1 19 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

FI011 Towed Thunder Launcher 25 pts. (House Davion)

FI020 Centaur Battle Armor 23 pts. (House Davion)

FI033 Tokugawa Heavy Tank 52 pts. (House Davion)

FI040 Morningstar Mobile HQ 50 pts. (House Davion)

FI049 Jaguar 96 pts. (House Davion)

FI055 Hellion 113 pts. (House Davion)

FI057 Goshawk 124 pts. (House Davion)

FI064 Hellstar 245 pts. (House Davion)

FI067 Zeus 254 pts. (House Davion)

FI-F-012 House Davion/Swordsworn Faction Pride

FI-P-020 Sergeant Major (Assault S:2 A:1 D:0 15 pts. House Davion)

AN006 Scout ATV Squad 14 pts. (House Davion)

AN009 Gray Death Battle Armor 16 pts. (House Davion)

AN013 Angerona Battle Armor 16 pts. (House Davion)

AN020 Ravager Battle Armor 22 pts. (House Davion)

AN027 Savior Repair Vehicle 42 pts. (House Davion)

AN029 Bishop Transport 37 pts. (House Davion)

AN044 Bellona Tank 41 pts. (House Davion)

AN048 JES III Missile Carrier 49 pts. (House Davion)

AN058 Havoc 104 pts. (House Davion)

AN061 Stalking Spider 143 pts. (House Davion)

AN-P-030 Sergeant (Medium S:2 A:0 D:1 8 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

AN-SA-011 House Davion-House Liao

AN-SA-013 House Davion-House Steiner

DOM009 PAL Suit 14 pts. (House Davion)

DOM015 Undine Battle Armor 19 pts. (House Davion)

DOM022 Gnome Battle Armor 20 pts. (House Davion)

DOM032 Simian Battle Armor 20 pts. (House Davion)

DOM035 Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle 24 pts. (House Davion)

DOM047 Hadur Fast Support Vehicle 53 pts. (House Davion)

DOM050 Zibler Fast Strike Tank 44 pts. (House Davion)

DOM064 Coolant Truck 42 pts. (House Davion)

DOM075 Kinnol MBT 71 pts. (House Davion)

DOM079 Kelswa Assault Tank 94 pts. (House Davion)

DOM091 Mjolnir 94 pts. (House Davion)

DOM095 Night Stalker 141 pts. (House Davion)

DOM109 Loki 214 pts. (House Davion)

DOM117 Enforcer III 'Damocles' 157 pts. (House Davion)

DOM-F-017 House Davion/Swordsworn Faction Pride

DOM-L-030 Julian Davion (Medium S:1 A:2 D:1 26 pts. House Davion)

DOM-L-039 Julian Davion (Medium S:1 A:2 D:1 26 pts. House Davion)

VG003 LRM Battery 19 pts. (House Davion)

VG008 Towed Gauss Rifle 27 pts. (House Davion)

VG015 Gray Death Scout Battle Armor 19 pts. (House Davion)

VG025 Gossamer 40 pts. (House Davion)

VG029 Skanda Light Tank 42 pts. (House Davion)

VG035 MHI Amphibious APC 42 pts. (House Davion)

VG056 Osiris 109 pts. (House Davion)

VG059 Goshawk 128 pts. (House Davion)

VG-F-030 House Davion/Swordsworn Faction Pride

VG-MC-015 House Davion-Swordsworn 20 pts. (House Davion-Swordsworn)

VG-SA-021 House Davion-House Kurita

VG-SA-022 House Davion-The Republic

WS012 Monocycle 17 pts. (House Davion)

WS019 Purifier Battle Armor 20 pts. (House Davion)

WS040 Padilla Anti-Missile Tank 74 pts. (House Davion)

WS048 Mantueffel Attack Tank 99 pts. (House Davion)

WS054 Raven 105 pts. (House Davion)

WS059 Gambit 100 pts. (House Davion)

WS065 Griffin 165 pts. (House Davion)

WS068 Vixen 108 pts. (House Davion)

WS080 Mad Cat Mk IV 233 pts. (House Davion)

WS104 Atlas 'Sunfire' 290 pts. (House Davion)

WS-L-067 Victor Dresari (Assault S:2 A:2 D:1 47 pts. House Davion)

WS-P-060 Captain (Light S:0 A:1 D:1 9 pts. House Davion)

WS-SA-027 House Davion - Clan Wolf

BF028 Enforcer III 148 pts. (House Davion)

BF029 Enforcer III 148 pts. (House Davion)

BF030 Templar 247 pts. (House Davion)

BF031 Templar 247 pts. (House Davion)

BF032 Atlas 256 pts. (House Davion)

BF033 Atlas 256 pts. (House Davion)

BF-P-A17 Sergeant (Medium S:1 A:2 D:1 26 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

BF-P-A18 Sergeant Major (Medium S:2 A:1 D:1 16 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

BF-P-A19 Captain (Assault S:2 A:2 D:0 25 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

BF-P-A20 Sergeant Major (Assault S:0 A:2 D:1 44 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

BF-P-A21 Major (Assault S:2 A:1 D:1 30 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

BF-P-A22 Captain (Assault S:1 A:1 D:1 28 pts. House Davion-Swordsworn)

BF-MC-A09 House Davion-Swordsworn 20 pts. (House Davion-Swordsworn)

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