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E028 Longinus Battle Armor 20 pts. (Stormhammers)

E029 Cavalier Battle Armor 13 pts. (Stormhammers)

E047 J-37 Ordnance Transport 28 pts. (Stormhammers)

E056 DI Towed Field Artillery 43 pts. (Stormhammers)

E065 Balac Strike VTOL 43 pts. (Stormhammers)

E080 SM1 Tank Destroyer 47 pts. (Stormhammers)

E084 ConstructionMech MOD-B 95 pts. (Stormhammers)

E103 Cougar 117 pts. (Stormhammers)

E107 Uller 122 pts. (Stormhammers)

E123 Viktor Hannan (Zeus) 230 pts. (Stormhammers)

E126 Krystyn Shon (Padilla Artillery Tank) 56 pts. (Stormhammers)

E129 Larsen Habbick (Crow Scout Helicopter) 32 pts. (Stormhammers)

E136 Tamara Duke (Wolfhound) 156 pts. (Stormhammers)

E144 Michaela Freeman (Atlas) 294 pts. (Stormhammers)

L003 Free Legion Company 12 pts. (Stormhammers)

L007 SRM Launcher 13 pts. (Stormhammers)

L012 Laser Battery 17 pts. (Stormhammers)

L013 Minigun Cycle 8 pts. (Stormhammers)

L023 Salamander Battle Armor 25 pts. (Stormhammers)

L035 Galleon Light Tank 33 pts. (Stormhammers)

L044 DI Towed AA Artillery 35 pts. (Stormhammers)

L050 Danai Support Vehicle 44 pts. (Stormhammers)

L059 BE701 Joust Tank 40 pts. (Stormhammers)

L072 Shun Transport VTOL 50 pts. (Stormhammers)

L078 Mars Assault Tank 107 pts. (Stormhammers)

L086 MiningMech MkII 92 pts. (Stormhammers)

L090 MiningMech MkII MOD 96 pts. (Stormhammers)

L096 Wasp 96 pts. (Stormhammers)

L102 Crimson Hawk 137 pts. (Stormhammers)

L111 Targe 149 pts. (Stormhammers)

L118 Ken Roos (Warhammer IIC) 207 pts. (Stormhammers)

L119 Porfiria Navas (Thunderbolt) 202 pts. (Stormhammers)

L126 Carmen Hern (Regulator II Hovertank) 63 pts. (Stormhammers)

L128 Franz Spitzer (Condor Tank) 49 pts. (Stormhammers)

L134 Arturo Wolf (Uller) 126 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA010 Combat Engineers 11 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA013 Scout ATV Squad 8 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA032 Purifier Battle Armor 19 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA034 Anat APC 26 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA040 Cavalry Attack Helicopter 43 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA056 Aesir Medium AA Vehicle 46 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA076 JESII Missile Carrier 90 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA080 Behemoth II Tank 103 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA091 Raider MkII 114 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA098 Phoenix Hawk 119 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA111 Rifleman 222 pts. (Stormhammers)

CA120 Dean Lanos (Sphinx) 245 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP003 Gun Nest 28 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP018 Sylph Battle Armor 28 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP025 Elemental Battle Armor 16 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP031 Gnome Battle Armor 22 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP039 Kite Reconnaisance Vehicle 38 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP042 Nacon Armored Scout 39 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP052 Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle 65 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP063 Sniper Artillery 61 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP065 Kinnol MBT 56 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP074 Long Tom Artillery 66 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP084 SalvageMech MOD 99 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP085 Ocelot 117 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP095 Stinger 106 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP108 Shadow Hawk IIC 149 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP109 Griffin 160 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP118 Latonya Lyons (Vulture) 239 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP139 Alissa Goldberg (Panther) 104 pts. (Stormhammers)

FP145 Mikhail Thacker (Uziel) 170 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD007 LRM Battery 18 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD009 Towed Gauss Rifle 18 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD024 PAL Suit 18 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD031 Fenrir Battle Armor 17 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD034 DI Multipurpose Light VTOL 42 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD038 JI2A1 Attack APC 44 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD047 MHI Hawk Moth Gunship 48 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD068 R10 Mechanized ICV 52 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD074 Hanse MBT 90 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD089 Blade 106 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD100 Thunder Fox 140 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD110 Ursa 164 pts. (Stormhammers)

AOD-F-006 Stormhammer Faction Pride

AOD-MC-005 House Steiner-Stormhammers 20 pts. (House Steiner-Stormhammers)

AOD-P-012 Hauptmann (Heavy S:0 A:1 D:1 16 pts. House Steiner-Stormhammers)

AOD-SA-005 Stormhammers - Swordsworn

AOD-SA-006 Steel Wolves - Stormhammers

FI002 Elite Infantry 17 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI010 Towed Thunder Launcher 24 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI043 Glory Fire Support Tank 86 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI063 Hellstar 243 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI-F-013 House Steiner/Stormhammer Faction Pride

AN-L-021 Maximillian Marius (Assault S:0 A:2 D:1 44 pts. House Steiner-Stormhammers)

AN-L-029 Maximillian Marius (Assault S:0 A:2 D:1 44 pts. House Steiner-Stormhammers)

AN-P-029 First Lieutnant (Medium S:1 A:2 D:0 20 pts. House Steiner-Stormhammers)

DOM-F-020 House Steiner/Stormhammer Faction Pride

VG-F-031 House Steiner/Stormhammers Faction Pride

VG-L-043 Jasek Kelswa-Steiner (Medium S:2 A:2 D:1 27 pts. House Steiner-Stormhammers)

VG-L-050 Jasek Kelswa-Steiner (Medium S:2 A:2 D:1 27 pts. House Steiner-Stormhammers)

VG-MC-014 House Steiner-Stormhammers 20 pts. (House Steiner-Stormhammers)

BF-MC-A08 House Steiner-Stormhammers 20 pts. (House Steiner-Stormhammers)

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