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Name: Moriko Horiama
ID: FI-L-016
Preferred Mech: FI082
Cost in Preferred Mech: 33
Expansion: Fire Power
Points: 10
Class: Heavy
Rank: Unique
Faction: House Kurita
Unit Type: Pilot
Speed: 1
Attack: 1
Defense: 1

SWEEPING BLOW At the beginning of your command stage if there are any opposing figures in base contact with this unit, roll a d6. On a result of 3-6, all units in base contact with this unit must be moved 4 inches away from it (controller moves the units) measured from the unit's center dot, units moved this way must remain in this unit's front arc. If there is no room for opposing units to be moved 4 inches away, they are dealt 1 impact damage instead of being moved.

please email me if this data is incorrect.

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