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Name: Rob Juergens
ID: VG-GS-053
Preferred Mech: VG075
Cost in Preferred Mech: 43
Expansion: Vanguard
Points: 11
Class: All
Rank: Unique
Faction: Gunslinger
Unit Type: Pilot
Recruit (Base): 10
Speed: 2
Attack: 1
Defense: 1

Except when assigned to its preferred íMech, this pilot uses the following point values, depending on class: L=11, M=17, H=19, A=31. RAMPAGE When this unit fails an attack, place a token on this card, to a maximum of four tokens. (optional) When this unit makes an attack, it gets +X to its attack value for the attack, where X is equal to the number of tokens on this card. Then remove all tokens from this card.

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