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FI001 Elite Infantry 16 pts. (Swordsworn)

FI002 Elite Infantry 17 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI003 Elite Infantry 17 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI004 Elite Infantry 18 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI005 Shock Troopers 14 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI006 Shock Troopers 16 pts. (Highlanders)

FI007 Shock Troopers 16 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI008 Shock Troopers 18 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI009 Towed Thunder Launcher 23 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI010 Towed Thunder Launcher 24 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI011 Towed Thunder Launcher 25 pts. (House Davion)

FI012 Towed Thunder Launcher 26 pts. (House Steiner)

FI013 Oni Battle Armor 18 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI014 Oni Battle Armor 20 pts. (House Kurita)

FI015 Oni Battle Armor 20 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI016 Oni Battle Armor 22 pts. (House Kurita)

FI017 Centaur Battle Armor 19 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI018 Centaur Battle Armor 21 pts. (House Steiner)

FI019 Centaur Battle Armor 21 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI020 Centaur Battle Armor 23 pts. (House Davion)

FI021 Raiden Battle Armor 14 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI022 Raiden Battle Armor 15 pts. (House Kurita)

FI023 Raiden Battle Armor 15 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI024 Raiden Battle Armor 16 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI025 Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle 22 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI026 Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle 23 pts. (House Steiner)

FI027 Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle 23 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI028 Shamash Reconnaissance Vehicle 24 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI029 Yasha VTOL 37 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI030 Yasha VTOL 40 pts. (House Kurita)

FI031 Yasha VTOL 40 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI032 Yasha VTOL 43 pts. (House Kurita)

FI033 Tokugawa Heavy Tank 52 pts. (House Davion)

FI034 Tokugawa Heavy Tank 56 pts. (House Kurita)

FI035 Tokugawa Heavy Tank 56 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI036 Tokugawa Heavy Tank 60 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI037 Morningstar Mobile HQ 48 pts. (House Kurita)

FI038 Morningstar Mobile HQ 49 pts. (House Steiner)

FI039 Morningstar Mobile HQ 49 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI040 Morningstar Mobile HQ 50 pts. (House Davion)

FI041 Glory Fire Support Tank 84 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI042 Glory Fire Support Tank 86 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI043 Glory Fire Support Tank 86 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI044 Glory Fire Support Tank 88 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI045 Mars Assault Tank 98 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI046 Mars Assault Tank 107 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI047 Mars Assault Tank 107 pts. (Swordsworn)

FI048 Mars Assault Tank 115 pts. (Highlanders)

FI049 Jaguar 96 pts. (House Davion)

FI050 Jaguar 98 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI051 Jaguar 98 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI052 Jaguar 100 pts. (House Steiner)

FI053 Hellion 112 pts. (House Steiner)

FI054 Hellion 113 pts. (House Kurita)

FI055 Hellion 113 pts. (House Davion)

FI056 Hellion 114 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI057 Goshawk 124 pts. (House Davion)

FI058 Goshawk 127 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI059 Goshawk 130 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI060 Goshawk 133 pts. (Highlanders)

FI061 Hellstar 239 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI062 Hellstar 241 pts. (House Steiner)

FI063 Hellstar 243 pts. (Stormhammers)

FI064 Hellstar 245 pts. (House Davion)

FI065 Zeus 249 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI066 Zeus 254 pts. (Bannson's Raiders)

FI067 Zeus 254 pts. (House Davion)

FI068 Zeus 260 pts. (House Kurita)

FI069 Raptor II 'Rooster' 137 pts. (Gunslinger)

FI070 Rokurokubi 'Okami' 127 pts. (House Kurita)

FI071 Stalking Spider 'Kumo' 156 pts. (Gunslinger)

FI072 Nova Cat '9-Ball' 202 pts. (Gunslinger)

FI073 Loki 'Kaze' 202 pts. (Dragon's Fury)

FI074 Shiro 'Hashira' 254 pts. (House Kurita)

FI075 Shrike 'Black Rose' 253 pts. (Clan Jade Falcon)

FI076 Malice 'Blackout' 239 pts. (Gunslinger)

FI077 Nova Cat 232 pts. (Clan Nova Cat)

FI078 Rokurokubi 'Sei-gi' 137 pts. (House Kurita)

FI079 Stalking Spider 'Audrey' 173 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI080 Nova Cat 'Duke' 213 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI081 Loki 'Esperanza' 216 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI082 Shiro 'Kaminari' 258 pts. (House Kurita)

FI083 Malice 'Peacemaker' 255 pts. (Republic of the Sphere)

FI084 Shiro 'Yami' 232 pts. (House Kurita)

FI085 Nova Cat 'Grinder' 229 pts. (Gunslinger)

FI086 Raptor II 'X-axis' 124 pts. (Gunslinger)

FI087 Rokurokubi 115 pts. (House Kurita)

FI-F-009 House Kurita Faction Pride

FI-F-010 House Kurita Faction Pride

FI-F-011 Highlanders/Republic of the Sphere Faction Pride

FI-F-012 House Davion/Swordsworn Faction Pride

FI-F-013 House Steiner/Stormhammer Faction Pride

FI-F-014 Bannson's Raiders Faction Pride

FI-F-015 Dragon's Fury Faction Pride

FI-F-016 Highlanders/Republic of the Sphere Faction Pride

FI-G-034 Homing Beacon (Single Use) (Light 14 pts.)

FI-G-035 Grapple (Light 15 pts.)

FI-G-036 Armor Piercing (Light 23 pts.)

FI-G-037 Anti-Personnel (Light 14 pts.)

FI-G-038 Pulse (Medium 37 pts.)

FI-G-039 Flamers (Medium 30 pts.)

FI-G-040 Alpha Strike (Single Use) (Assault 50 pts.)

FI-G-041 Grapple (Assault 34 pts.)

FI-G-042 Electronic Camouflage (Assault 22 pts.)

FI-G-043 Camouflage (Single Use) (Assault 3 pts.)

FI-G-044 Extra Ammo (Medium 5 pts.)

FI-G-045 Improved Myomer (Light 17 pts.)

FI-G-046 Refocused Laser (Medium 21 pts.)

FI-G-047 Experimental Pulse (Heavy 37 pts.)

FI-G-048 Heat Seeking Ammo (Heavy 17 pts.)

FI-G-049 Vibroblade (Heavy 25 pts.)

FI-G-050 Lock-On Targeting (Assault 10 pts.)

FI-G-051 Extended-Range Ammo (Assault 37 pts.)

FI-G-052 Artemis IV Fire-Control System (Light 21 pts.)

FI-G-053 Enhanced Imaging (Medium 13 pts.)

FI-G-054 Command (Heavy 4 pts.)

FI-G-055 Reengineered Laser (Heavy 45 pts.)

FI-G-056 Concussion Ammo (Heavy 24 pts.)

FI-G-057 Additional Heat Sinks (Heavy 49 pts.)

FI-G-058 Refined Pulse (Heavy 53 pts.)

FI-GS-015 Dave Rees (Medium S:1 A:2 D:0 16 pts. Gunslinger)

FI-GS-016 Steven P. Frohnhoefer (Heavy S:2 A:1 D:1 12 pts. Gunslinger)

FI-GS-017 Cecil Neumann (Medium S:2 A:1 D:1 12 pts. Gunslinger)

FI-GS-018 Charles Westerfield (Medium S:2 A:2 D:-1 14 pts. Gunslinger)

FI-GS-019 'Frankie' Amir (Heavy S:2 A:1 D:1 12 pts. Gunslinger)

FI-GS-020 Boris Vassilev (Assault S:0 A:2 D:1 37 pts. Gunslinger)

FI-L-007 Kenshin Tadashi (Heavy S:2 A:2 D:0 19 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-008 Wahab Fusilli (Light S:2 A:1 D:2 15 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-009 Bounty Hunter (Heavy S:2 A:2 D:1 26 pts. Dragon's Fury)

FI-L-010 Katsuro Sutoko (Heavy S:1 A:1 D:1 10 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-011 Malvina Hazen (Assault S:2 A:2 D:0 25 pts. Clan Jade Falcon)

FI-L-012 Stephan Dirks (Light S:2 A:2 D:1 21 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-013 Anthanassios Raptis (Medium S:2 A:2 D:1 23 pts. Republic of the Sphere)

FI-L-014 Inese Lasonde (Heavy S:1 A:2 D:1 25 pts. Republic of the Sphere)

FI-L-015 Consuela Dagmar (Heavy S:0 A:2 D:2 33 pts. Republic of the Sphere)

FI-L-016 Moriko Horiama (Heavy S:1 A:1 D:1 10 pts. House Kurita)

FI-L-017 Marcus Randall (Assault S:2 A:1 D:1 21 pts. Republic of the Sphere)

FI-M-001 Seek and Destroy

FI-M-002 Deliver the Payload

FI-M-003 With Extreme Prejudice

FI-M-004 At All Costs

FI-M-005 Clash of the Titans

FI-M-006 Rolling Thunder

FI-M-007 Technology Raid

FI-M-008 Rule The Skies

FI-P-014 Graduate Certificate - Galedon Military Academy (Light S:2 A:1 D:0 8 pts. Not Applicable)

FI-P-015 Graduate Certificate - An Ting University (Light S:0 A:2 D:0 16 pts. Not Applicable)

FI-P-016 Sergeant Major (Light S:1 A:2 D:0 17 pts. House Steiner)

FI-P-017 Star Commander (Light S:0 A:2 D:1 19 pts. Clan Jade Falcon)

FI-P-018 Graduate Certificate - Sakhara Academy (Medium S:0 A:1 D:1 14 pts. Not Applicable)

FI-P-019 Graduate Certificate - War College of Goshen (Medium S:1 A:0 D:1 14 pts. Not Applicable)

FI-P-020 Sergeant Major (Assault S:2 A:1 D:0 15 pts. House Davion)

FI-P-021 Graduate Certificate - Hero Training Institute (Assault S:0 A:2 D:-1 20 pts. Not Applicable)

FI-P-022 Graduate Certificate - Sanglamore Academy (Assault S:1 A:1 D:0 13 pts. Not Applicable)

FI-P-023 Shujin (Assault S:2 A:1 D:0 15 pts. House Kurita)

FI-P-024 Star Captain (Heavy S:1 A:1 D:1 18 pts. Clan Nova Cat)

FI-PC-011 Urban

FI-PC-012 Beach

FI-PC-013 Heavy Fog

FI-PC-014 Mine Field

FI-PC-015 Caustic Atmoshpere

FI-PC-016 Earthquakes

FI-PC-017 Subzero Temperatures

FI-PC-018 Jungle

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