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Lances and Stars


Bannson's Raiders


Clan Jade Falcon


Clan Nova Cat


Clan Sea Fox


Clan Wolf




Dragon's Fury




House Davion


House Kurita


House Liao


House Steiner




Rasalhague Dominion


Republic of the Sphere


Spirit Cats


Steel Wolves






Wolf Hunter


Battle Lance

Jamaal Cox unknown unknown
Tomoko Nagasawa Hatchetman Fire For Effect
Jing Smith Thunderbolt Death From Above
Nicolasa Klaus unknown unknown


Command Lance

M.D. Tompkins Tundra Wolf Falcon's Prey
A. Kirasawa Valiant Liao Incursion
Q. Prusis unknown unknown
L. Sheehan unknown unknown


Kirikakaru Lance

Erin Johnston Jupiter Dark Age
Antonia Chinn Thor Fire For Effect
Viki Drexel Shockwave Death From Above
Ryana Sakade unknown unknown


Neophyte Pursuit Lance

Miguel V Pack Hunter Dark Age
Hitoshi Sato Pack Hunter Dark Age
J. Sterling Ocelot Death From Above
Janina Lukic Locust Counterassault


O5P Command Lance

unknown unknown unknown
Cyril Schielka Storm Raider Falcon's Prey
unknown unknown unknown
unknown unknown unknown


Ryoujin Lance

Danni Haag Arbalest Dark Age
Shin Yoshida Locust Counterassault
Caria Gordon Storm Raider Falcon's Prey
Sherise Tadaka unknown unknown


Loners (Confirmed as not belonging to a Lance)

Bounty Hunter Loki Firepower
Bounty Hunter Marauder II Counterassault


Unknown Lance Assignments - The Brotherhood

Abeda Measho Panther Dark Age


Unknown Lance Assignments - Order of the Five Pillars

Andre Crawford Black Knight Fire For Effect


Unknown Lance Assignments - Amaterasu

Katana Tormark Nyx Age of Destruction

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