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Lances and Stars


Bannson's Raiders


Clan Jade Falcon


Clan Nova Cat


Clan Sea Fox


Clan Wolf




Dragon's Fury




House Davion


House Kurita


House Liao


House Steiner




Rasalhague Dominion


Republic of the Sphere


Spirit Cats


Steel Wolves






Wolf Hunter


Archon Command Lance

Michaela Freeman Atlas Death From Above
Dean Lanos Sphinx Counterassault
Kinga Steptore unknown unknown
Mae Arbolino unknown unknown


Lupine Recon Lance

Mikhail Thacker Uziel Falcon's Prey
Arturo Wolf Uller Liao Incursion
Tomoyuki Yunli unknown unknown
Sylwia Gora unknown unknown


Lupine Striker Lance

Luella McCormick unknown unknown
Ken Roos Warhammer IIC Liao Incursion
Cyndi Rhoads unknown unknown
Susan Gregor unknown unknown


Rangers Command Lance

Odell Phillips unknown unknown
Tamara Duke Wolfhound Death From Above
Alissa Goldberg Panther Falcon's Prey
Jerolyn Crisham unknown unknown



Marcin Janik unknown unknown
Viktor Hannan Zeus Death From Above
Isaias Rios unknown unknown
Luigi Gerk unknown unknown


Urban Assault Lance

Latonya Lyons Vulture Falcon's Prey
Porfiria Navas Thunderbolt Liao Incursion
Akeya Stevens unknown unknown
Zenatha Watanuki unknown unknown


Unknown Lance Assignments - Tharkan Strikers



Unknown Lance Assignments - Lyran Rangers



Unknown Lance Assignments - Archon's Shield


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