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Lances and Stars


Bannson's Raiders


Clan Jade Falcon


Clan Nova Cat


Clan Sea Fox


Clan Wolf




Dragon's Fury




House Davion


House Kurita


House Liao


House Steiner




Rasalhague Dominion


Republic of the Sphere


Spirit Cats


Steel Wolves






Wolf Hunter


Cavalry Command Lance

Danai Liao-Centrella Centurion Counterassault
Danai Liao-Centrella Centurion Vanguard
Sandra Sung Marauder II Counterassault
Marcu Dusek unknown unknown
Helen Robins unknown unknown


Confederation Command Lance

Aurora Gregory unknown unknown
"TheVede" Vederman Mad Cat II Liao Incursion
Maxie Carne unknown unknown
Jacinta Lyza unknown unknown


Dai Da Chi Lance

Hoa Phiri Tian-zong Liao Incursion
Catalina Trujillo Shen Yi Liao Incursion
Jung Chae Hellstar Liao Incursion
Vincent Altman Shen Yi Liao Incursion


Force Recon Lance

Clara Parks Tian-zong Liao Incursion
Dmitry Voskavich Warhammer IIC Liao Incursion
Jacyn Bell Yu Huang Counterassault
Ed Hussan unknown unknown


Hammer Lance

Flavio Rodriguez Koshi Falcon's Prey
Rhi Chan Targe Liao Incursion
Norma Stepp unknown unknown
Emil Greer unknown unknown


Hiritsu Lance

Felix Jarta Ghost Liao Incursion
Felix Jarta Centurion Vanguard
Hyu-Youn Cho Shen Yi Vanguard
Ty Sung Scourge Vanguard
Jas Keck Vulture Mk IV Vanguard


Ijori Lance

Evan Kurst Ti Ts'ang Counterassault
Beckie Sharma unknown unknown
Jasmine Hyung unknown unknown
Karla Cluff unknown unknown


Kamata Lance

Chee Yun Ti Ts'ang Counterassault
Tolin Men Shen Yi Liao Incursion
Teneisha Peters unknown unknown
Andrzej Czupek Yu Huang Counterassault


Support Fire Lance

Jaquelin Pejiko Tian-zong Liao Incursion
Noel Hurtado Thor Falcon's Prey
Ora Morehouse unknown unknown
Walter Byrnes unknown unknown


Swift Lance

Esther Parada unknown unknown
C. Schiller Griffin Liao Incursion
Ancieto Tuvida Stinger Falcon's Prey
Marek Zabielski Wasp Counterassault


Unknown Lance Assignments - Confederation Reserve Calvary



Unknown Lance Assignments - McCarron's Armored Cavalry

Tung Cho Stalking Spider Wolf Strike


Unknown Lance Assignments - Warrior House Orders

Wan Lau Shen Yi Vanguard

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