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Lances and Stars


Bannson's Raiders


Clan Jade Falcon


Clan Nova Cat


Clan Sea Fox


Clan Wolf




Dragon's Fury




House Davion


House Kurita


House Liao


House Steiner




Rasalhague Dominion


Republic of the Sphere


Spirit Cats


Steel Wolves






Wolf Hunter


Alpha Battle Star

Latonia Conners unknown unknown
Kriya Wolf Tundra Wolf Dark Age
Seka Ward Mad Cat II Death From Above
Rosen Tseng unknown unknown
Cecile Wolf Ghost Counterassault


Beta Fire Star

Reva Roshak unknown unknown
Kaste Carns unknown unknown
Selig Fletcher unknown unknown
Sadia Wolf Catapult Dark Age
Jeni Wolf Sun Cobra Death From Above


Cluster Keshik Command

Elora Wolf Firestarter Fire For Effect
Geoff Bekker Kodiak Counterassault
Eustolia Wolf unknown unknown
Glodek Sender unknown unknown
Miko Conners unknown unknown


Crusaders Trinary Command

Ecker Ward unknown unknown
Maya Hawker unknown unknown
Fredk Sender unknown unknown
Yulri Wolf Black Hawk Dark Age
Inova Wolf Mad Cat II Death From Above


Lancers Skirmish Star

Shin Wolf Uller Fire For Effect
Kris Wolf Crimson Hawk Liao Incursion
Dolester Vickers unknown unknown
Troi Carns unknown unknown
Edbird Wolf unknown unknown


Lancers Trinary Command

Zaar Fetladral unknown unknown
Chin Wolf Griffin Liao Incursion
Danuta Wolf unknown unknown
Wai Sender unknown unknown
Ursula Radick unknown unknown


Unknown Star Assignments - Wolf Lancers



Unknown Star Assignments - Crusaders

Kendrick Fetladral Mad Cat III Dark Age
Kal Radick Mad Cat II Fire For Effect
Kyle Wolf AgroMech Mk II Fire For Effect


Unknown Star Assignments - Wolfkin Keshik

Gwin Fetladral Cougar Fire For Effect
Anastasia Kerensky Magonel Age of Destruction

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