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Bannson's Raiders


Clan Jade Falcon


Clan Nova Cat


Clan Sea Fox


Clan Wolf




Dragon's Fury




House Davion


House Kurita


House Liao


House Steiner




Rasalhague Dominion


Republic of the Sphere


Spirit Cats


Steel Wolves






Wolf Hunter



  Muteki Lance - combined lance with House Kurita

Dot "Patches" Nostra* Shadow Cat Annihilation
Arzu Shishekli Wendigo Annihilation
Reign O Broin Night Stalker Annihilation
Kasumi Cho* Hitosune Kozo Annihilation

*Lance command is shared


Unknown Star Assignments - Xi Provisional Galaxy

Kym Nostra Wendigo Wolf Strike


Unknown Star Assignments - Tau Galaxy

Matt D. Lossey Shadow Cat Annihilation
Barnum Drummond Black Knight Wolf Strike


Unknown Star Assignments - Alpha Galaxy

Kisho Nova Cat Wendigo Annihilation

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