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Coliseum Stables

   The Coliseum was House Steiner's arena and was built in the Silesia section of Solaris City. The coliseum itself resembles an ancient roman coliseum. It is known for its lostech barrier which contains weapons fire inside the arena keeping the spectators safe. The floor of the coliseum has walls and pylons that are hydraulically controlled to create and remove obstacles throughout the match.

   At the one end of the coliseum is a stable to prep and arm the mechs before the match began. It is connected by two tunnels to the main arena floor.


The Stable


Designer's notes:  When I created this map, I ran into a little difficulty. The original plan was to have the stall walls be blocking terrain.  Because of the way hexes line up, I decided to change the stalls from blocking to hinder terrain for line of fire purposes. This would equate to a partial height wall with support cranes and chains hanging down in the stalls. This rendition assumes that all support structures are pushed to the walls between the stalls. Why you would fight in the stable and not move out to the arena is beyond this announcer's imagination.


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