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     This has the potential for the most frustrating arena on Solaris. There are few long straight-aways that allow for long shooting distances. Iron Mountain will force matches to be short ranged, bloody affairs. With all of the interference from the arena walls, sensors are useless along with the Streak Missile SE and indirect fire through tunnel walls.

    The operators of this arena love to use hidden pits to hinder a mechwarrior's movements through the dark passageways. Minefields are also regularly placed within the labyrinth to bring more chaos to the match.

    At the start of a match, randomly place the 24 tokens face down in the arena. Any time a mech's path of movement crosses a token, turn the token over. If the token reads "Clear", remove the token from play. If the token reads "Minefield", roll a D6. If the roll matches the number(s) listed on the token, the mech receives one click of damage and the token is removed from play. If the token reads "Pit", roll a D6. If the roll matches the number(s) listed on the token, the mech must stop on the token. The mech may continue per normal using subsequent action points. Pit tokens are not removed from play when triggered but remain face up for the remainder of the match. Any mech crossing a revealed pit must roll to avoid the pit.

    Blind Start Option: To prevent mechwarriors from starting in well defended areas, consider randomly selecting start positions. Randomly place the 20 Start Tokens around the board. Each player rolls a D20 to determine this starting position. If a mech already holds that position, the player must reroll until a clear starting position is rolled.

    Note: Suspension or delay of fame penalties may take place until all units are able to move into range of each other.

Each grid represents 2 inches.

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