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Boreal Ranch


The Coliseum


The Factory




The Jungle


Hartford Gardens


King of the Mountain


The Pit


The Pool



King of the Mountain

  This was a very fun arena for us to play with. It consists of 3 different levels on a hill. Each level is treated as elevated terrain. Jump jets will allow you to move between levels effortlessly but for those that are more ground-based, it can be a lengthy climb to the top. A mech must stop as soon as its entire base enters or exits each level.

    To aid players increase their fame rating in a campaign, we reintroduced VC3 for this arena. At the beginning of your turn, your pilot receives 1 Fame point if their mech is on the top layer. Be aware that there is no hiding when you are at the top.

    Do not forget about the height advantage for being the target on elevated terrain. This modifier does not stack upon itself when several elevation changes are crossed with a ranged attack.


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