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The Pit

   Bane of small mechs, this arena was nothing but a pit of toxic sludge. This arena guarantees a long punishment to any pilots willing to hop into this discussing mess. 

    The arena consists of 3 levels with two small shallow water pools occupying part of the lower most level. Treat these layers as elevated terrain with each layer closer to the walls being a level higher than each layer towards the center.

    The rules for this arena are pretty simple and makes for some fantastic slugging matches between mechs. All movement is halved as pilots struggle on the slick, slippery mud that makes up the arena floors. As there is usually a thin layer of water covering the mud that forms thick fogs when jump jets are used, the use of jump jets has been prohibited. The crowd must see the action. 

    Any mech starting its turn on the bottom level of this arena receives 1 fame symbolizing the pilots willingness to stand in the center of the action and duking it out in any direction.

    At the arena management's discretion, more water can be added to the mud to increase the difficulty of piloting a mech on the slopes. All pilots suffer a -2 penalty to their piloting checks.

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