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The Pool

   Bane of small mechs, this arena was nothing but an old quarry that has been allowed to fill with water. Mechwarriors who are down on their luck usually fight in this arena that is far off of the regular circuit.

    This arena consists of a very thin ring (approximately 3 inches) of land surrounding a sludgy pool. This pool consists of water. Lots of water. I added a second level of water to this arena. Both levels of water are considered the same with only a difference in elevation. Treat them appropriately per elevated terrain (just submerged.) The deeper level contains several pieces of blocking terrain.

    The rules for this arena are pretty simple and makes for up close and personal battles. Movement is not effected other than the restriction on no jump jets once you are in the water. All firing ranges while in water are cut in half. Each mech takes receives two clicks of cooling at the end of their turn. Ranges are not halved from the land but units in the pool cannot target units on the land and they cannot be targeted by units on the land.

    All mechs must start on the land surrounding the pool but must enter the water by the end of the second turn.  If a unit retreats to the land, they are automatically disqualified from the match. Forfeiture of monetary prizes is at the sole discretion of the arena manager.

    To add insult to injury, pilots are unable to eject while submerged. In the event a pilot wishes to "eject", they must signal that they are yielding. If an attack has already been declared, the attack is completed with any damage delivered to the target. The mech remains on the field but may no longer move are participate in the battle. Any unit targeting an opponent who has already declared their surrender will forfeit any winnings including fame, stones, and experience to the targeted opponent and is suspended from the arena circuit for one battle.

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